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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


If Unbreakable counts as a superhero movie, it is my favorite superhero movie.


It absolutely does, and it was mine for many years. Until Avengers, I guess.


Unbreakable was only really disappointing after Sixth Sense, which was a huge hit.


Why ignore the twist?
This is perhaps the one time where M. Night’s use of it helps the movie excel. The idea of the elders and the acting/writing that surrounds them and their decision is wonderfully executed and heartwrenching.

That scene with Gleeson and Phoenix was beautiful.




That was a terrible trailer. Was the intention for it to feel like a Disney movie?


So Vera Farmiga is doing a Ra’s al Ghul , but using kaijus?


That actually looks pretty cool. Plus I spied some O’Shea Jackson Jr. in there.


And Ken Watanabe is in there too.


Well, at least there’s still Shin.


I thought that trailer looked pretty neat. The music could be toned down a notch, but the visuals were cool.


The Godzilla trailer was all right. However, I liked the trailer for the first film, too, and the movie was not very entertaining.

Out of all the trailers so far, GLASS and FANTASTIC BEASTS 2 are the ones that intrigue me.


I’m with Todd, that Godzilla trailer looked like a Disney movie. Also, I didn’t get anything from the trailer but hey, look, these monsters are really BIG! I mean, what is the conflict in the movie actually about? There was absolutely no hook to the whole thing.

On the other hand, The Crimes of Grindelwald looks spectacular. This will be so much fun.


The trailer makes a confusing case. What is the threat? Humans or monsters? Or are some monsters the threat (King Ghidorah) and others will save humanity (Godzilla, Mothra or Rodan)?

It’s like in the original trailer where it implied the monsters were a response to human devastation of nature, but it just ended up being about monsters fighting each other. At heart, I get the impression there really isn’t anything too interesting in the film other than that.

GLASS is the standout in the sense that it really isn’t like any other movie. It’s very different from all the other genre films getting promotion. It’s like a quiet crossover/team up movie set just a quarter step removed from reality. Also, it doesn’t feel like a conclusion as much as the beginning of a new world.


Glass and Godzilla look the same, post wise; a misguided scientist brings together a group of powerful beings and then they fight and/or team up with much collateral damage.


Yeah, it does look great.

But Dumbledore looks weird in a suit.


Sounds like an X-Men rip-off to me.



Well, Battle Angel Alita looks a lot less boring than Ghost In The Shell…but no clue as to whether its any better.