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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I’m not sure about Glass. I love Unbreakable so much and I am afraid that this will mess that up.


Didn’t Ross do the promotion art for Unbreakable? Did he do anything for Split?

Bruce Willis looks like Stephen Lang. Is that young man Dunn’s son grown up? Has that actor been in anything else recently?

Would Robin Wright return?


Yeah, he really does.


I never cared for Unbreakable. It was so boring and I figured the twist out quickly. It was a movie I had no desire to watch again.


For me Unbreakable had great beginning and end but an incredible slow and dull middle. I’ve never gotten the love for it.


I love it as a nice character piece.
I think people overrate the twist over the actual merits of it.


For me, movies live or die on their payoffs but I can understand if people lose interest during the set ups. I can’t stick with the “drag” a lot of filmmakers put on the set ups but, for some inexplicable reason, I give Shyamalan a lot of slack and UNBREAKABLE is the epitome of it.

Few films of the time dragged out the bleeding obvious as much as that one, but I loved it when it finally paid it off. It could have put the twist in 30 min in, but he took the whole movie.


The twist was indeed pretty easy to puzzle out, particularly if you knew a “twist” was coming, but Unbreakable is, to me, simply sublime filmmaking. Shyamalan was really firing on all cylinders from Sixth Sense through Signs, from a purely visual storytelling standpoint, even if the plots get wobbly at times. Get me drunk enough and I might even add the Village to the list.

To me, Unbreakable is a great film. Like, if you were to aspire to be a filmmaker then you could do worse than study it.


Exactly much sentiment. A lot of the thought and meaning put into the shots and composition are impressive. Plus great character and dramatic beats.


Yeah, exactly. And the slowness was part of that.

I think with movies like Unbreakable, a lot depends on how you see it. If you have it on in the background while you’re doing something else, or if aren’t really focusing on it, it’ll just seem boring. If you watch it in the theatre and immerse yourself in it, it’s a beautiful and intense movie.


I saw it in the theaters and was bored with it. It was not awful or bad but it was difficult to remain engaged.

For me, his films at that time had a weariness to them. I don’t mean that they used old tropes or cliches. I mean that the movies had a physically tired feeling to them. It may have been down to pacing and cinematography but I found his movies difficult to stay engaged with. I would check my watch and try to figure how much time was left in the movie.


I love the pacing of his films, especially the earlier ones. Can see why some may get bored, but I don’t. I find the low key approach engaging, due to the characters, as it slowly builds to the end. And I feel with Unbreakable it isn’t all about the twist, it’s about David Dunn becoming some kind of hero when he saves the family, the twist just adds to Mr Glass’ character. It doesn’t seem to completely lean on a shock ending.

Looking forward to Glass, as always Shyamalan’s use of colour is great.


I would add the village to the list, and I don’t drink :wink:


The Village is without a doubt one of M. Night’s best movies.


The problem with the Village is that the twist is SO obvious that you sit there thinking “this is ridiculous”, or at least you did at the time. Once you get past that and ignore the twist, it’s fantastic. Nice parable, great use of color. It’s not perfect but a pretty neat feature-length Twilight Zone episode.

The other one of his I like a lot is the Happening. Sure, the premise is silly but no moreso than “The Birds” which people regard as a classic of sorts. Actually it’s basically the same premise. Mark Wahlberg’s performance is campy but that’s part of the fun.

I actually feel about Signs the way most people feel about the Happening (I think there is very good filmmaking in Signs but something about the story has always felt shaky to me).

Now I’m in the mood to watch a bunch of M. Night’s movies.


I think most people feel about Signs the same way most people feel about the Happening.


You mean they don’t like it? It was a pretty big hit back in the day.


Yeah, it was the first of his films to get heavy derision. It did well because because he was still riding high off the successes of Sixth Sense and Unbreakable but the response to it was mostly negative. It still gets mocked today.


Huh, I haven’t experienced that. My recollection was that Unbreakable did so-so business but Signs was a smash, and people thought it was a return to form and liked it a lot, and then just kind of forgot about it not long after. Then the Village got derision and Lady in the Water is of course atrocious, which turned him into a joke for a long time.


My impression would be somewhere between that. I think Signs turned some people away, but I personally thought it worked very well. But yeah, after Signs, he was still a seen as a director pretty much on top of his game, and this changed into a downward trajectory with The Village.

Yeah, I think that is very much on purpose. One of the themes that Unbreakable deals with is depression, and there’s a heavy cloud over the whole movie.