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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


That’s the Sony panel.

Kind of looks like the Nameless symbol?


Second GLASS teaser.
For David Dunn aka Security.


So this review says:

You could call this flick Man on Fire 2 and little would have to change.

To which I have to say “Did you even see Man on Fire?”
So now I’m thinking of a Man on Fire sequel in the vein of that crazy Gladiator 2 script.



Viral site:


Man on Fire…damn, I loved that movie back in the day. The one two punch of that and Domino were Tony Scott at his most kinetic, frenzied, and weird. I dug it at the time. I might have to go re-try them now that I’m old and more critical.



Man on Fire 2 sounds like a great selling point to me.


In what shapes up as a stage to film transfer with iconic Broadway talent, Imagine Entertainment has set Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to make his feature directorial debut on Tick, Tick…Boom! That is based on the autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson, the late playwright behind the smash musical Rent. The Tony-winning Dear Evan Hansen book writer Steven Levenson is aboard to write the screen adaptation.



Well, it’s good, but … that’s it? Kong: Skull Island was excellent. Hope this is more like Kong than the first Godzilla movie. That would have been better if shorter and pithier.


That’s just a teaser for the viral site, we should have a full trailer soon (IIRC it was recently rated)





This is clearly a vanity project aimed at a niche audience with a strong opinion already.

It wont change anything. It wont make anything better either, but it’s essentially background radiation, not a weapon.


Yeah, it’s clearly in the line with films like God’s Not Dead and the various attempts to adapt Left Behind. It’s more the craziness of what’s happening in the film’s production rather than it happening.




That’s looking very good.


And no movie would be complete without an Alex Ross poster