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Monster movies have to deliver spectacle, the previous Godzilla movie did that… eventually, It played hide and seek with it’s creatures a bit too long for me, hopefully this one will get the balance right.


I’m surprised any actors even comment on the subject any more. His comments, in context, are pretty understandable and non-inflammatory.


There’s some pretty dumb things to say in there too though.




I loved his vampire take in Only Lovers Left Alive.




Didn’t really think I’d ever see a sequel to Zombieland get off the ground, but the first was fun and the cast is still a great one so I’ll check it out.



Primarily because it wasn’t an action movie but a satire of an action movie. It undercut the Rambo Reagan B.S., but no one got that. It was the American Judge DREDD.

DREDD was the best ROBOCOP remake we got and it was a box office bomb.

This movie’s premise sounds like JUDGE DREDD versus THE PURGE which isn’t a bad pitch, but I don’t have high hopes.


Oh yeah, it was brilliant satire. It nailed the 80s perfectly.

It also had one of the best portrayals of of a female character with Anne Lewis. She was intelligent and capable and most importantly given the time the film was made, she was treated as an equal. At no point is she looked down upon or treated differently by any character simply because she is a woman. While attractive, she is never played as a sex object. She is in uniform and body armor practically the entire film. She is a friend to Murphy and that’s it. Hell, she rescues him twice! The movie was surprisingly progressive.


Verhoeven is a hell of a film-maker in general and particularly when it comes to gender roles and to satire. Honestly, if they want to remake Robocop they should just let him do it.

As potential directors go, I can see why they would want to give the job to Blomkamp. The design work would be incredible, and he has at least demonstrated some ability for political satire and over-the-top action. That they want him to direct is probably a good sig where the satirical aspect is concerned.

I do agree with Steven that he should stay the hell away from the script.


You can see the difference that a script makes when you watch something ‘13 Hours’, the movie Michael Bay made about the Benghazi embassy attack in 2012.

It falls a little short of greatness, but it’s good, and that’s because he got a good script and took it totally seriously.

If Blomkamp can do the same (and is lucky enough to have a good script) we could see a really strong film from him.

Just to be clear, Bay also had a decent script for ‘Pain and Gain’ but that didn’t work out so well, because he used it to indulge all his Bay-isms. As a result a strong story and distinctive characters got mixed up and lost in the over-designed shuffle.

So this could go either way for Blomkamp. :wink:



It’s Rogue Trooper!


Holy mother fucking shit!


What this guy said! :open_mouth:


I’m very interested in what Jones does with that.

No spoilers for anyone who wants to watch the video.