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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


We just remade Robocop. I know nobody remembers that, or wants to remember that, but that’s not a good excuse to do it again.

There has been one (1) great Robocop movie, and every other attempt has been awful. Not everything should be a franchise.


The remake was probably as good as we were gonna get, given how crap the franchise had been outside of the great original.

But Blomkamp is an instant no.


The original one is a classic and still holds up.

The sequels weren’t that good.

The made-for-TV movies were crap.

I never bothered with the remake.



A lot of the bad reviews I saw have to do with the audacity of making a movie centered around rather than the movie itself.



That’s the perfect excuse to do it again - only better.

Blomkamp loves scifi, robots, cyborgs and design. It’ll look spectacular.

Just keep his bloody hands off the script writing.


Always the same with him, I even heard him say himself in an interview that he doesn’t understand narrative. So all up for him designing and directing and not on script.



Early reactions to Mission: Impossible - Fallout from critics I follow on Letterboxd are positive:


Best movie review ever.


Or maybe this one is.

every other movie fuck right off


This is a great little piece on Die Hard - not just a tribute to the movie itself, but also a good analysis of what separates a great action movie from the mediocre ones.


Well that sounds terrible.



I’m not sure it’s a cinema movie outside of Thailand anyway? I can see it being huge on Netflix though.

Having a cast of unknown but super talented Thai actors they could make the film, respectfully, authentically, and show it globally with zero distribution costs.

It’s perfect TV movie material.


Holy shit. They’re already pitching films on this???


I’m pitching a film detailing the battle between the two different film projects.


It almost cheapens the diversity issue by using it to detract from the ambulance chasing nature of making the film in the first place.


It was already a movie, just one that happened in real time on the news channels. People watched because they felt emotion, they were entertained in that news/documentary/true story way.