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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel





I wonder how they’re going to kill him.


They have him do something idiotic and annoying because likable characters aren’t subversive enough :wink:


Well, we know he’ll be the first to die in the movie.







They missed off Infinity War :wink:


Maybe it wasn’t one of his best?


But it was the best part of the film!


What can I say? I love Tiffany Haddish.


From Netflix:

Rees is great, Hathaway is great, Affleck is fine. I’ll watch that on Netflix, sure.

Details on the book:

In her first novel in twelve years, the legendary author of Play It As It Lays and Slouching Toward Bethlehem trains her eye on the far frontiers of the Monroe Doctrine, where history dissolves into conspiracy (Dallas in 1963, Iran Contra in 1984), and fashions a moral thriller as hypnotic and provacative as any by Joseph Conrad or Graham Greene.

In that latter year Elena McMahon walks off the presidential campaign she has been covering for a major newspaper to do a favor for her father. Elena’s father does deals. And it is while acting as his agent in one such deal—a deal that shortly goes spectacularly wrong—that she finds herself on an island where tourism has been superseded by arms dealing, covert action, and assassination. The Last Thing He Wanted is a tour de force—persuasive in its detail, dazzling in its ambiguities, enchanting in its style.




It’s a bit of a worrisome sign when half the trailer is clips from the first movie and it’s coming out in 3 months.

But…I do really like how they’re going with another “Standard Goosebumps Plot” like the first one did. This time the “two bumbling friends + some sort of older figure” variety. Makes it feel more like the books than outright adapting one.



This is out already. It’s not getting good reviews, which is probably why it was sitting on a shelf for years. They made it back in 2015, before Vice Principals.