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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Just a random question that ocurred to me after seeing the trailer for Skyscraper

Has there been any backlash for casting the Rock instead of a disabled man?



Yawn, let me know when Bow Wow comes back.



As I said; the world moves on.

If Johansson steps down (which is possible) the question then becomes, who replaces her?

There are no trans movie stars yet, so would the film get made without her? If they surround a relatively unknown actor with stars, would that be enough?



I suppose that something good has come from Ready Player One after all.



Initially, Lasse Hallstrom (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Chocolat) was hired to direct Disney’s The Nutcrack and the Four Realms. But last December when the film was set to undergo reshoots and Hallstrom was unavailable to return, the studio brought on Captain America: The First Avenger director Joe Johnston to finish up the project. When that happens, the DGA usually steps in to determine who gets the sole director’s credit, often basing the decision on how many days each director was involved in principal photography. But interestingly enough, the DGA didn’t even get involved on the new Disney movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter; Hallstrom and Johnston simply agreed to share the credit.


Thanks to John Mosby for passing this on.


I saw the trailer for that during Ant-Man and the Wasp and it’s rather nice that they decided to both go down with the ship.


I’d be mad as hell if I wasn’t laughing so hard.


Watched the trailer for Predator sequel. On the first sight, it doesn’t offer much, which is probably for the better as trailer can’t show more than a film itself. And I don’t like the premise. But I trust that Shane Black and Fred Dekker will make at least better film than Predators. IMO, the twese two guys are perfect for entertaining product. Keeping thumbs up 'til September. According to imdb, Shane wrote on his twitter, which I can’t find:

“And, just to be clear… PG-13 is for pussies. Spines bleed… a lot.” Black also tweeted “I am standing on set next to a 7-foot tall gentleman in a Predator suit - so no, it is not all CGI.”


This is a good interview, and goes beyond just the sensational headline (although it is sad to hear that he has been so troubled as he has become more successful).


That’s a great piece, and I nodded along with a lot of what he says, from the depression that comes when you realize kids haven’t magically transformed your lives to the fact that we are too obsessed with “nerd” stuff to the detriment of other things (look who’s talking, I know).

It is funny, during the first half of the piece where he is describing his alcoholism I thought “oh it sounds Worlds End was autobiographical” and then it turns out it basically was.

He seems like a good guy. I’m always pulling for him.


I had that same sense of recognition with a lot of it too.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having always felt a kind of kinship with Pegg even from the early days, and especially once Spaced came along. He always felt like ‘one of us’. So some of this was hard to read, but I appreciated the honesty and I’m glad he seems to have come through his tough times.


I like him, he seems like a good guy.

Having said that I found ‘Paul’ preachy and the end of ‘The World’s End’ was basically saying it’s ok to screw things up and drop other people in the mess, which it didn’t seem to be saying at the start…

His issues with nerd culture sound personal, something he’s got to figure out for himself. I think he’s suffering from nostalgitis there, a common ailment.



His issue with nerd culture is probably a bit different from most people’s as it ties in to a very public persona that he will never fully escape.


He’s also talking about modern scifi being less sophisticated, which I think is incorrect.

What we’ve got now is a lot more scifi, across a whole range, from ‘The Arrival’ to ‘Transformers’.