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I think he’s a great actor but he does have a face that needs punching. :wink:


He’s going to have to raise his game if he’s acting opposite Tom Cruise.


Yeah, I’m with you. He’s a fine actor, but I also agree there’s something about him that’s very punchable. Maybe that’ll work in his favor for a potential hot shot Navy pilot? I mean assuming he’s going to be playing an arrogant ass, then Teller might do well.


I’ve never wanted to punch Miles Teller.

But to each their own.


How about Tom Cruise?


Entertainment Tonight has just said that Teller will play Goose’s son so I will be disappointed if the son of Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan turns out to be an arrogant ass



The low-budget film - which is about a Los Angeles-based hitman - had previously attracted little attention, despite having already been released in parts of Europe and playing at film festivals.

That led some members of a Reddit discussion to question whether the “accident” was in fact a publicity stunt.

Could be, but mistakes do happen.



I didn’t know about this example mentioned in the story:

But this is not the first time Sony has made such a mistake. In 2014, the company posted a much higher-profile film - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - to its South Korea YouTube account.


Hmmm… much less likely to be a stunt.



Casting him as Angela is a bold move, but mocap is pretty amazing these days. Good luck to them.


Why ain’t we hearing any news about Sam?



She also not really a Russian secret agent, a girl with superpowers, a zoo keeper, Janet Leigh, a clone or a computers operating system…Are we going to moan about that too?.


Yes, but you’re missing the point really. Her taking a role like that means that the industry is shutting down opportunities for a lot of other talented zookeepers.


And this after ‘Ghost in the Shell’?

She’s not the first non-trans actor to play a trans role, but she might be the last. If the project actually gets made. The world moves on.


Janet Leigh would probably have cause for complaint if she hadn’t died in 2004.



Specifically, this trans man:

So, I suppose it will be a similar transformation like Theron in Monster:

It’s an interesting story. In there is the theme of a woman that identifies as a man and becomes a pimp exploiting other women sexually for profit.