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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Like in King Kong?


No, I mean more overtly evil/sinister. Like a serial killer or supervillain.


There was that movie where he fraudulently pretended to be a teacher to gain access to a bunch of young schoolchildren, and halted their education in favour of making them act out his own personal fantasies.



I love that scene. I actually like I Just Called to Say I Love You as well. :wink:


That’s cool, pick on the middle-aged square guy day is Thursday. :wink:


Yeah but who hasn’t done that once or twice?


He was a murderer in Bernie, but not really a villain.


I thought he was really good in Bernie but that was a sympathetic character.



This could actually be good and Cena would be perfect.


Didn’t the Rock star in Doom?


Yes, he did.



I genuinely can’t work out whether they thought he was in a Quake movie because of Doom or San Andreas.


He was in the Quake movie, it’s just the end product was so tedious it has filtered out of the collective consciousness (like The Glyph in Halo Jones).


It’s either there or it’s in Morpheus’ library of unrealised works in Sandman.



Is ‘The Darkest Minds’ the last of the YA movie phase?

It looks perfectly fine, well made, decent budget, but it’s also ‘Logan’ without Logan, and I’m not convinced it’ll find an audience?