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Nah, Robotnik.

Or have it both ways and have Eggman be the nickname.




I’ll agree with that. And only refer to him by the nickname.


But then the Kintobor origin won’t make sense!


Does anything in Sonic the Hedgehog actually make sense?



I class it as hard sci-fi.


The mystery “third component” of Cap’s shield is a magic ring that belonged to Odin.





Man, steroid abuse is not pretty…


Gillian Anderson Isn’t Playing Dana Scully But Close Enough in ‘UFO’

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing Ryan Eslinger’s UFO on DVD and Digital September 4, which stars Gillian Anderson as “an advanced mathematics professor” who seems to know a thing or two about, well, UFOs. Sure, Anderson may be done with “The X-Files,” but that doesn’t mean she can’t explore supernatural phenomena elsewhere!


Scarlett Johansson Starring In True-Life Massage Parlor Biopic Rub & Tug

The last time they worked together, Scarlett Johansson and director Rupert Sanders made Ghost In The Shell. Their new collaboration could hardly be more different, as it’ll tell the fascinating true-life tale of a woman who became a crime kingpin through owning massage parlors and more. And the title will raise more eyebrows than just the story alone: Rub & Tug.

Whether that name survives to cinema marquees is a question for another day, but for now, New Regency is happy to put up the money for Johansson to star and Sanders to direct Gary Spinelli’s script. It’ll follow the experiences of Jean Marie Gill, a larger-than-life character in 1970s Pittsburgh who took on the mob and ran a chain of illicit massage parlors offering prostitution, plus an anabolic steroid ring that helped power NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers. And she did it all with the help of her allies in the gay community, often dressing as a man to help her cause. In addition to her criminal activities, the film will also chart her fiery romance with girlfriend Cynthia.


I suppose “Happy Endings” was taken?


It has been renamed already to ‘topless hand shandy’.


Coming soon?


I’m less interested now. I liked Teller in Whiplash and The Spectacular Now, but nothing he’s done in the last few years has appealed to me at all.


They passed over the guy from Scream Queens…for Teller?
My god.


He’s taking it well at least:


There’s a real smugness to Teller that really gets on my nerves. I never quite buy into his characters, because i always just want to give him a slap.