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It’s not like it would be easy but…2d2byv



I think I said it before, but vibranium (Cap’s shield) absorbs all vibration. Light is made of vibrating particles, so, no effect. Adamantium, despite density and tensile strength, is known to break (The Wolverine). So a light saber might cut it. Not like butter or a Mos Eisley goon’s arm, but might be able to hack a single adamantine claw.

Still couldn’t cut my mom’s pie crust!

Don’t know, just used Google images (as I knew what to look for).


That’s a well thought out idea but a lightsaber is more than just “light” otherwise it would be a Lazer Sword. :wink:
Plus, SPACE MAGIC! :laughing:



This has to be the dumbest argument the board has ever had.

Clearly a lightsaber can cut through Cap’s shield.


Whichever was most likely to beat the other… will lose, because that’s one of the ways good drama works. It surprises you.



Maybe, but it will take a fucking long time.


Sure, it wouldn’t go through like tissue paper but it would go through.


I’d have more faith in this if it wasn’t directed by Eli Roth.


But Eli Roth is a child at heart…


No, he has a child’s heart…

…in a jar on his mantle.


Nah, Eli Roth wishes he was hardcore.


Are hormonal teenagers still considered children?


In this great nation yes.


for all you people jumping to defend BigDaddy with your theories of Star Wars Science, remember I was responding to this post and I found a Coxism that i thought fit the situation. Also I think Dr. Cox is the best and he would argue rings around Boromir. I mean the guy leaves that discussion and goes out gets himself killed. IS that the kind of man you want to follow?

and @RobertB, do you think Cap would just stand there and let Luke keep hacking away at it?




My understanding of the question is that we’re not talking about a fight, just if it could be done.