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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Toby Kebell! He’s become a favorite of mine.





There’s two people who barely interest me at all.


Wow, that almost doesn’t look like Pitt. If it wasn’t his name in the headline I wouldn’t have recognized him.



Wanna see something really scary?




It’s his superpower. He has to pump his arms like that to get the facial hair to grow. That’s why he was so still in Justice League. :wink:


I’ve been hearing really good things about this. Basically one review said something like ‘every unhinged Cage performance has been leading to this one.’


THR says it is now down to three finalists for the role of Goose Jr. AKA Baby Goose: Nicholas Hoult, Glen Powell, and Miles Teller.

Powell was great in Set it Up, the Netflix romcom that came out a week or two ago.

None of these actors were alive when the first movie came out, so I guess they’ll be playing slightly older.


I’d say Powell looks more like the potential offspring of Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan than the other two do.


I thought they were already filming. If this a main push of the film, how have they not selected the actor???


People assumed that when Cruise posted a pic in costume on-set, but that was probably still pre-production.


Ah, cool.


Also, studio PR departments drip feed news to the press.

This is marketing after all, they started the moment Cruise confirmed that the film was a go.


It looks like Robert Redford from 1970.


I knew he looked familiar!


Yeah the chin isn’t right but that’s a good comparison.


Tarantino has already kind of made that comparison, so it’s probably intentional.

“Sony and myself will be coming to the theaters with the most exciting star dynamic duo since Robert Redford and Paul Newman,”