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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


This is an entertaining feature covering the making of a legendary bomb.

This extract pretty much sums up the whole thing:

On set, there was also a sense that nothing was certain. The production designers and special FX people didn’t know what they were building, the actors had arrived and they didn’t know what they were playing. There was just a general sense of ‘What the fuck is going on?’”


Yeah the story behind that film is nuts. The fact that the directors were secretly making a different movie than the one they were hired to is crazy.


It’s still probably the most entertaining video game movie - thanks to the fan-edit that you can find on Youtube.



It is a great story. For me, the Super Mario Brothers movie is like a family picture made to be seen by an audience that lives in the world of Terry Gilliam’s BRAZIL.


It really is.
It’s such a crazy mixture of something-punk and classical fantasy-adventure/pulp narrative.


And it probably took a decade off Bob Hoskins’ life.

And if Hoskins could have his way, he’d like to scrub it off his CV entirely.

In a recent Q&A with the Guardian, the actor made no secret about the ill will he held toward the film. Here’s what he had to say, quite succinctly:

What is the worst job you’ve done?
Super Mario Brothers.

What has been your biggest disappointment?
Super Mario Brothers.

If you could edit your past, what would you change?
I wouldn’t do Super Mario Brothers.


Yeah he really hated that movie and did nothing to hide it.


Aye, he broke his hand making it too.
Due to him and Leguizama being drunk as skunks while doing a fast driving scene.


Fortunately, John Leguizamo learned his lesson and made a quick career comeback with…


Voodoo Mambo is a classic


What’s odd is that the entire trajectory of videogame adaptations would have been changed completely if they had gone with the obvious “sweet, lovey-dovey” approach Joffe eschewed.

If they had just done a straightforward family comedy - like the material obviously presents itself in the games - it probably would’ve been a hit. Or if they had gone with something more accessible like Roger Rabbit which Hoskins had done before. I think a lot of the problems had to do with the fact that they were trying to make Neuromancer starring Abbot and Costello. Of course that set everyone up for failure.


True, all true.

I enjoy the fan-cut version of the movie regardless.
Luigi is affable and endearing enough and the out of place setting and tones gives it some zest.



Interesting. A Wrinkle In Time has generated something like $16M last week, while I Can Only Imagine - which is basically about how a song got written - outperformed it. One of the worst dogs in a long time, methinks.


I saw it.

It was absolutely horrible. Really bad script/dialogue writing and no weight to most of the visuals and effects, no matter how well rendered they may be.


Happy Anniversary looks nice, but I’m already a big fan of Ben Schwartz.


I didn’t expect I CAN ONLY IMAGINE to be such an effects heavy film…



This makes me think I’d like to see Black play a straight up villain character.