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Bryan Singer is the credited director of the film. Basically, Bryan had some personal issues going on. He wanted to hiatus the movie to deal with them, and the movie had to get finished. That was what it came down to… It wasn’t about reinventing the wheel. We needed someone who would have some creative freedom, but work inside a box. [Fletcher] did us a real favor.


Doesn’t seem fair to his replacement.


Considering the allegations in the rest of the story, I wonder if they really want Singer’s name on the movie. Was there pressure from his lawyer or the DGA?


Unless North Korea hacks another studio we’re unlikely to know.

But this has no doubt been a subject of frantic debate and negotiations. Hopefully Fletcher got a bonus and the film has turned out well.


It’s okay Dexter Fletcher is a good friend of Millarworld, Sanjay and I ran into him on the same day. He had crazy hair. If he is hard up we’ll buy him a pint.




That would be the makings of a cool film.


New Predator suit, more streamlined than the 80’s version.





Unfortunately, it’s hard to see Gears of War or any vast game series like HALO, WARHAMMER 40K, STARCRAFT, WARMACHINE etcetera getting any serious production support after WARCRAFT.

Maybe it would work with limited budget and straight to streaming like the DOOM remake apparently will go, but a major film coming out of these sorts of games seems unlikely before Bautista is getting Social Security.


Studios are increasingly built around tentpole movies. Disney now makes only those. They’ve cut their output and put all their money into films of $100m or more. It’s doing very well for them so other studios are gradually following suit.

All that means that there is interest in anything that could be a tentpole/blockbuster/franchise.