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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Alright, just want to get out there that I wasn’t trying to say she was flat or anything. It’s that the movie very much makes everything else more conventionally heroic. And out of that conventional heroism, the only things that make her stand out is that she’s a little girl who curses. Yes, and the blood and guts but that is more played for goofs and silliness. ie. the songs and such in those scenes.

The comic just has a lot more going on with the character and how that impact of that lifestyle truly follows her. Same with Dave, honestly. Vaughn did these characters huge disservices.


Totally get that, there’s so much more pertaining to the psychological consequences in the comics. It’s a big part of what pulled me into the story.
I don’t lay much blame on MV for the changes in the adaptation. Film making is a huge balancing act to make the story you want to tell but convincing others to put up millions of dollars to do it. Just getting HG to use the C-word in the first film was a big deal to the studio, much less having her dismember people!
It was a shockingly adult take on a superhero movie in 2010, the sequel…has some great stuff but felt like a more generic SH movie. Nothing against Jeff Wadlow, but I didn’t care for his script. KA2 was a bit of a missed opportunity to move the story more in line with the comics as the cast was literally growing.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, a total film or TV reboot following the comics? I’d eat that up like Lucky F-ing charms!


I honestly think that, for all the flack the sequel rightfully gets, it actually felt less generic.
The HG subplot is completely in the wash, but the overriding tone and humor felt much more like the series’ roots.

Despite it not being all that well made a move overall.


I’m thinking Mark’s original concept (and I can be corrected by anyone named @Mark_Millar - and that’s about it) had a heavy element of early social media days going on. First kid we see tries to fly and fails badly. It’s a viral phenom! Same with early Lizewski - he gets beat within an inch of his life (don’t know how his dad ever paid for that, NHS bias, methinks) Then when he’s back in the diving suit (and why he isn’t leaving sweat puddles everywhere is beyond me) and can’t stop himself he beats some thugs on camera. That’s the deal. How Hit-Girl became herself via Big Daddy was secondary - a side plot. It was the social media thing. Now, I’m citing Mark as for a couple years he was investigating (and instigating, for all I know) street heroes. Folks who actually in the real world dress up in costume with the intent of being crime fighters. Now, I think this basically vanished into the growing realm of cosplay, but maybe still a couple of folks out there. (So far, we have not defined anyone as having actual super-powers, which is a damned shame.) I almost felt the original concept was swept up in the Hit-Girl story.

We have a dive shop on Main. (Lots of lakes! There are LAKES in the mountains!) I’ve checked out even modern diving gear, much lighter and more supple than the early 2000’s. Dave bought a used suit, and it does look like a wet suit. He must sweat off ten pounds in no time!


Or if Neal McDonough steps down as Dum Dum Duggan;


The sooner the better! That was the WORST “Wa-hoo!” I ever heard!



Directed by Lenny Abrahamson.


This feels like what Winchester should have been.




So, a failed movie gets a reboot as Hollywood looks for new franchise opportunities?

But will enough people pay to watch spiders attack people?

I ask this because… I won’t. Spiders make my skin crawl, and not in an entertaining, horror movie way. It’s not something I’m interested in paying money to see in a cinema, or at home.

The lack of success the first time out suggests that I’m not alone in this.

However, this is interesting;


I liked Arachnophobia a lot…I still do…but the ending is complete crap.
If they can fix that, it’s worth it.


I couldn’t get through the first Incredibles. I seem to have an instinctual revulsion of all things Pixar (though Toy Story 2 was kind of OK) so this one is probably not for me.



There’s a double feature at our theater wed, both Incredibles back to back. Unfortunately my daughter has band rehearsal that night. She would never forgive me for going without her. :frowning_face:


So much for band rehearsal…


That’s what she said… I don’t THINK so! Music school is too expensive to blow off rehearsal. Plus the whole “priorities” and “commitment” to the band parental lesson I’m obligated to instill. :wink:


Andy, Andy, Big DADDY!

BOTH Incredibles! Both!

(Good lawdy I can be evil sometimes.)


We’ve never seen it on the big screen, only a full screen DVD, poor deprived child!