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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Like me and my annual bath.


Blockers. Yeah, I forgot about that one. I need to check that one out - thanks!


I genuinely expected Infinity War to be bad so that was a nice surprise for me.




Spoiler alert they made it to the moon, and back.


The fact that we know the outcome is often cited as a reason why some stories lack suspense. Clearly the people making this movie don’t hold with that idea.


That looks great. I’m excited about this one.

Hey, it worked for Apollo 13.


I think I prefer the version Stanley Kubrick made in 1969.




The suspense in “historical” films comes from not knowing how long you can hold out before leaping out of your seat and screaming at the screen for its inaccuracy. And if they change enough “facts”, you can’t even be sure you will know the outcome.


You want to watch a film about the Moon landings? Watch Ron Howard’s:

I cried. No joke.



I’m just not sold on this yet. I like Shane Black, but this is looking a lot like AVP: Requiem too me.



Interesting that they seem to be casting more comedy focused actors.


Same here. That was another trailer just giving us pretty random action shots.

I still expect the movie to be good, but they’re not doing a great job of selling it.


I expect it to have some great lines and interesting characters but that it’ll also go on a bit too long and be a bit muddled and over-complicated in places. The action will be hit and miss too.

Black’s very talented but his talent is concentrated in certain areas.


Can’t believe I missed this post! I’m pretty stoked about the direction their looking at for the Kingsman universe. A 1900s period piece sounds cool as hell. When’s the casting call? :wink:

I assume any series would be on Netflix, it’s lacking in content that interests me lately.
Picking up Kick-Ass films with Patience Lee is a great idea, I’m loving the book. A soft re-boot without taking apart the existing story.
HG&BD early days? Not too sure how well it would work, CGM was lightning in a bottle for the first film. It would be tough to find someone young enough with that kind of moxie for the role.
HG solo film? The only way to do it properly is picking up her story as an adult. The trouble with casting kids and teens is the unavoidable growth and change they go through, it happens fast so sequels need to be filmed back to back. Otherwise you end up with a 6’ twelve year old like Bran in GOT. If it was CGM as a grown up Hit-Girl I’d definitely check it out but it would have to be pretty unique to compete in the theater with all the Superhero movies these days.
Kick-Ass 2 had some disappointing aspects but I still thought HG desered a sequel. :wink:


I wouldn’t mind a complete reboot of Hit-Girl.
An unused and overshadowed aspect of her appeal in the comics, at least to me, is just how completely insane and screwed up she is. In the movies…she’s just a girl who curses a lot. Not very interesting.

But in the comics there is this huge element of pathos that I think would make for a very interesting movie.


And brutally kills criminals with zero remorse, is completely fearless, an incredible martial artist, leaps from rooftops, drives a stick shift, selflessly attempts to rescue her father, then sets out on a revenge killing spree. That’s just the first film, she’s a little more unique than just her language.
I look at the comics and films as separate universes, I’m really glad I saw the film first or I might have been disappointed. Personally I enjoyed the comics version of events and character portrayals more than the films. I don’t know if that heavy of a story would cut it with general movie going audiences though. The dynamic between HG and BD in the comics is pretty tragic, it’s the story of a complete lunatic kidnapping his kid for years and turning her into a psychopath for no reason other than he was bored with his life. If I was holding the studio purse strings I wouldn’t bet on it resonating with a general audience enough to gamble the money.