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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I like ‘Kingsman’ a lot, but the sequel went off the plot a bit. I’m still interested in a third one, and the spin-offs. They have plenty of potential.

But so did Kingsman 2…


I didn’t like the original Kick-Ass movie, and I would have liked Kick-Ass 2 if they didn’t have that awful Hit-Girl subplot which I felt against her character and what made her fun.

I think that the series needs that Millar-esque tone of raunch, insanity, and humor that the second movie was able to capture more capably. The first was just silly and conventional. Since it’s Matthew Vaughn again, I don’t have much hope.


Vaughn’s producing the new movies, but it’s very unlikely he’ll direct all of them.


Overall, I just don’t like his fit with Millar adaptations. I’m among the minority here who liked the second Kingsman more than the original. The first Kingsman I felt, like Kick-Ass’s first movie, did a lot to strip away what made the comic so unique and enjoyable. The second was aided in being taken in a radically new direction.

He’s still got a hand in all this as producer, so I hope your optimism is right and that it’s a very loose hand.
I love the current Patience Lee arc and I think it would benefit from keeping with the Millar atmosphere. Not his silliness.


Yeah, the design work looks amazing (if a bit Final Fantasy).

I still think this could be a game-changer. This kind of story has been done in anime and in comics and in novels, but if they manage to do it in a movie successfully for the first time, it’ll open up a few interesting doors.


I don’t know how complex the source material is, but the trailer presented a very simple and accessible story.

Combined with the great design work, this could be a big hit.


I’m kind of hoping it’ll be what Besson’s “Valerian” could have been, if it had been a better movie. The sci-fi movie genre can use a shot of adrenaline, and if this does well, that might just do it.


I enjoyed the first Kick-Ass and thought the first Kingsman was pretty awesome. Hated the second Kick-Ass and thought Kingsman 2 just went way too zany and cartoon like with it’s action. It basically took what I enjoyed about the first one and dialed it all up well past ridiculous. Julianne Moore was great, though.

All in all, though, this is fine but I’m way more interested in what Netflix is going to do with the properties they own.


Oh man the new Halloween trailer looks so good.


Yeah, I’m in.


That opening scene in the sanitarium looks familiar…


Where/what is that?


That’s my alma mater, The Citadel in Charleston, SC. Also known as the Maximum Security College and the South Carolina Home for Wayward Children.


‘Halloween’ is one of my favourite films, so I’m going to be difficult to please with this movie.

But I want it to be great.


I’m a-gonna be sending Vaughan “studio notes” every day!

He does good stuff, but then craps in it to like the flavor better. He needs a keeper. I work for very reasonable rates. (Well, “reasonable” in movie-biz terms.)


Some how it makes sense you’d be from a maximum security home for wayward children.


The courtyard looks all pretty, what with being cleaned by toothbrushes!


The quad got mopped every week whether it needed it or not.


What have been the positive surprises for you guys so far this year.

For me, GAME NIGHT and UPGRADE have been the two movies that I expected little from and actually delivered a lot more.


Upgrade’s not out here yet, but for me it’s Game Night and Blockers.