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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


They don’t say much really, only describing what you see, a helicopter and bones in the beach, that they will be filming on Tuesday and Wednesday, and to expect Linda and not Arnie,


As is the Jackson way this looks very very pretty.
Would be a good imax experience


It looks very simple, but in a strong, storytelling way.

And yes, spectacular. The director has been working with Jackson for decades, and he has a great sense of design. I’m very interested in how this turns out.


Christian did a lot of the story boards for the first 3 lord of the rings and a lot of second unit directing on the hobbit. You see quite a bit of him in the extended editions behind the scenes stuff.

At one stage they were working on a dambusters remake which I would still quite like to see



But I haven’t seen the rest of Operation, will I get lost?


I’ve played Operation. Is that good enough?


Oh boy… :roll_eyes:


That…has to be more noticeable than an upper lip.


And now I have a reason to buy a ticket.


You would think that it there’re only three days into production, it would be easier to just recast the role.


The casts were the problem…



I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the action choreography in Incredibles.

Still not 100% sold on the stay-at-home-dad stuff, but it could work.




I got dragged by a female to the Streisand/Kristofferson A Star Is Born.

Never again!

Never ever!


Who dragged you to the one before that Miqque?


Would you shaddap? :rofl: