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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


What was it?


The evil robot goddess is planning some stuff with Unicron, who is still emerging out of Earth and still a threat.

I mean, but both this and Age of Extinction ended with some of the robots leaving Earth, but that was more played off in a “this must be done” way. Rather than setting up something like Unicron even more. The entire movie was build-up.


That was a great movie. It really surprised me how much we as a family enjoyed it.



Oh, looks like it’ll be “FRIENDS” that’s cute.

Looks like a nice time again.


It looks a bit straight-to-video to me, but maybe there will be more to it in the same way that there was for the first one.


So the baby sister steals a bunch of the toys and Emmitt has to rescue them from her room.


Probably not a baby anymore. I’m thinking young kid. Age appropriate for the LEGO Friends line up from Duplo.


Baby as in younger than the boy, not as in infant.


(When I say more to it I mean the deeper messages about the nature of play, not the reveals of what’s happening in the ‘real world’ - which I think was pretty much played out by the end of the first film.)


I quite like the books, but I don’t have high hopes for the movie. Casting Holland and Ridley wasn’t a great move. Not because they aren’t fine actors, but because the one of the main themes of the books deals with children fighting men’s wars. The characters they are playing are meant to be like 13 or 14 years old. Holland can still pass for about 16, but the movie definitely should have cast actual kids in the movie. Then add in all the craziness with the Noise and whatnot and I just don’t know that I see the movie working at all.


Okay, they spent more time fading into the Paramount logo than they did developing plot in Justice League. And who is Mister Ka-Pop? Oh. Oh! Mystical!

Please, God. No. Just - no.


Wait, I don’t understand. This actually looks… alright? Verging on good? And the robot modes actually look like something other than a random assemblage of scrap metal. Could… could this actually be worth watching?



Yeah the rounder contour plating on Bumblebee is a whole hell of a lot more spaced out in a way that makes him aesthetically pleasing.

Like a giant toy rather than a monstrosity.




I like the way the thumbnail for that video is such a literal reflection of the title.


Anyone speak Spanish?

‘Terminator 6’ is filming;


Hasta la vista, baby.