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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel




Ooh, that looks… really bad.



Didn’t they just do a documentary about him too?


Yup, from Vice:

(Spoilers for the movie, I guess)


The hot dogs go on.


Trailer tomorrow


Is it a Lego Technic?


Looks like someone got Michael Shannon to show up for a day.




God damn it.
This thing will make money.
Not my money but still.
Looks like a good kids flick


Travis Knight directed the very good Kubo and the Two Strings, so I’m somewhat interested.


It’s Herbie, but as a Transformer, with explosions.

I’m way too old for it too, but it should deliver as a middle of the road family film.


That’s my Bumblebee.

Seriously though, my son is five and I think he will love it.


Speaking of cars;

Cannonball Run was fun, very much of it’s time though. Now it would probably be more Fast and Furious?

But I don’t think that’s Liman. He’s made some interesting movies and they tend to be about more than just speed, beers and family.

They also involve some big reshoots. He finds his movies in the process of making them, so they all go back to the cameras at some point and shoot a third or more of the film again, but different.

That’s happening right now on ‘Chaos Walking’, a film based on a book I haven’t read, but which has won a lot of awards.

Just looking at the synopsis, it seems like it might be too complicated for it’s own good (as a movie), but that may have been what attracted him to the project?


Bumblebee looks like good fun.
Sort of like if the first movie in this series didn’t have the chaff. Wonder if this does well if maybe they’ll reconsider doing a finale movie. The Last Knight is the only one to end on such an egregious cliffhanger.


I liked the books (as with all of Patrick Ness’s work), but I’ve no idea how it works as a movie.


Right now, neither do they…?