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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Ah, Bill Murray is always an interesting interview.


He is, it’s still a little sad that he blames everyone else for the bad stories about him, rather than himself.

I love his work, but I’d still be wary of working with him.


Death Wish? It’s literally female Punisher!


Sometimes you really give what you get. It’s not the mature reaction, but it’s not always easy to be mature. Some people are by instinct, some have to work at it. I understand Murray’s description of his behavior.


And yet, in amongst his blaming others, they mention his 21 year estrangement from Harold Ramis. That doesn’t appear to have been “giving what he got” does it?

The best that the article can suggest is that Murray was taking a separate crappy experience (a divorce) out on people who had nothing to do with. People including a lifelong friend.

There’s a common factor in all the stories about Murray’s bad behaviour; Bill Murray. But that’s not how he sees it.


It also sounds as if no one was being particularly sensitive to a guy already in a tough spot.


Without knowing the ins and outs of it all, it’s difficult for an outsider to decide who deserves the blame in these situations.

I’m glad they reconciled before Ramis’ death.



That’s a TV series. The finale is on in the UK on Sunday.


As with The Trip it’s not unknown to package UK TV shows as indie films in the US. Is this one of those?


No, it’s going up on Amazon Prime in the US at the end of the month.


Well, it’s interesting to see one of those with a female lead. For that alone, I hope it does well. But I personally have little interest in this style of action movie these days.

“Peppermint” seems like a bad choice of title though; it doesn’t ecactly scream bad-ass. I mean, what with her protecting her neighbourhood and all that, this is basically a superhero movie. They should just have given her a cool vigilante name and gone with that.


James Cameron has announced the camera he’s using to shoot the ‘avatar’ sequels.

Why does this matter?

Because (amongst other things) the camera supports high frame rates and has been re-enginnered to make it easier for use in a 3D rig.

It seems that he’s still set on those ideas and he’ll deliver the movies that way.

How many people will choose to see them that way though…?


Love what they’ve done with Frank Castle.


More bad news about the Crow reboot:


I don’t read AICN regularly any more so I missed this.

It’s actually not a bad little interview.


Oh thank you heavenly Jesus.



‘Suspiria’ is a tough one to remake.

It’s not a good film (plot and character) but many people love it because of how it looks and sounds.

Even if they make a better version, it’s unlikely to win over fans of the original.


I don’t understand why they don’t just remake the other two movies in the trilogy.
Those…are just lesser films. No matter what you think of the first, the next two are each several steps down.

If it’s at least decent, then I hope they just redo the entire trilogy.