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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


He didn’t make geeks hate Superman. He made geeks hate HIS Superman.


He’s been trying to get this made for a few years hasn’t he?

Well, if it happens, it’ll look amazing, but I’m not sure how big an audience there is for it, unless The Rock is rescuing people from the skyscraper while it’s on fire?


This project is pretty nakedly Snyder’s response to all the backlash: an architect who pushes back against criticism to follow his unique vision. All his movies are about individuals who fight back against being swallowed by some idea or another, though, so it doesn’t have to be viewed that way. But yeah, that’s basically what he’s doing. And he’ll bring a lot of visual flair to it.


But … but … I hate Ayn Rand so much!!!


Conservatives, I think, turned to her after Obama’s election, in the same way liberals turned to dystopias after Trump’s. I have no opinion about Rand except the Atlas Shrugged movies were terrible.


I just always like the irony that she ended her days claiming welfare and Medicare.


My guess would be that Warners are picking up the tab for developing the film (as part of the price of keeping Snyder on their lot) but hoping they don’t actually have to make the movie.

They’re probably sending him a lot of other scripts to look at and if he gets interested in one of those, they’ll be much happier.


Does he still have an option deal with them?


That’s a good point, they (Snyder and his wife) signed a deal with Warner Bros when they set up their production company, but that was for ‘300’,

They’ve made all their subsequent movies through Warner Bros, but I don’t know if it’s a formal business relationship these days, or just a long standing habit on both sides?



Those sound like dangerous movies.


Forrest Gump - Never saw it. Zero interest.

Titanic - I hate this movie with a bloody passion. Empty-headed waste of expensive film stock! Loved Making Of… and Cameron’s toys. Despise DiCaprio, despise Celine Dion.

Passion… - Tremendously difficult film. Very, very odd directorial choices. The fantasy elements did not fit. A snuff film for Fundamentalists.

No Country… - was okay, not worth a second view. Bored of Westerns. Somebody left cinema school a couple weeks too early.

Dark Knight - Total shit with a couple good scenes.

MoS - No more commenting on this! Ever! EVEREVEREVER!

LaLaLaLa… - oh, fuck this. I hate musicals. I grew up in Hollywood. Fuck this! Burn it! BURN IT!

Mother - Yeah, gotta see this to see how much I hate it. I like both Lawrence and Aronofsky, so…

TLJ - Oh, fuck this SO HARD! Johnson killed the franchise. But, lord, what a magnificent human being is Mark Hamill!

Bright - Not seen. Do see if you can catch Cast A Deadly Spell - similarly-plotted HBO movie with Fred Ward. Good stuff.


I guess that depends on your point of view.
Near. Far. Wherever you are.


One of these day, I will hurt you! :rofl:






SIDENOTE: Read Dr Strange 390. It’s a stand-alone and has Peter Parker having a conversation with a Spider. Its “Amazing”



Wow. Surprised at that. I’m sure he’ll do a good job but unless they reinvent the character significantly he won’t be that visible for most of the story.

(I could see him more as Terry though.)