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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


There’s also the possibility (tin foil hat on) that at least some of the walk outs are staged.

I wouldn’t walk out of the film, but that’s because I wouldn’t have walked in in the first place. I’m still burned out on serial killer stories, especially the post-‘Silence of the Lambs’ ones where the killer has pretentions.

It probably didn’t cost a lot, it’ll find an audience and von Trier will find a new set of buttons to push in a couple of years.


Could be. Either way it is somewhat of a tradition in Cannes to respond flamboyantly to films. They often boo them and shout abuse or give standing ovations for 10 minutes.


Or all of the above!


They keep saying “overwatch” but it’s not the game;

And direct to home viewing for Stallone, I guess that’s why Rambo’s coming back in a couple of years?



It all looks very familiar, but also spectacular. I choose to accept it. :wink:


Heh. At this point, it’d be more of a scandal if this kind fo thing didn’t happen with von Trier’s movies. He must be thrilled that he can still get a rise out of people.


In this case the director does, too.


Perhaps after he finishes The Tomb the third.


Exactly what happened with Only God Forgives.


You aren’t wrong:

Lars von Trier has broken his silence on the reception to his latest film, The House That Jack Built, which premiered at the Cannes film festival on Monday to widespread outrage, a mass walkout and tepid reviews.

“It’s quite important not to be loved by everybody, because then you’ve failed. I’m not sure if they hated it enough, though. If it gets too popular, I’ll have a problem. But the reception seemed just about right, I think.”

Asked about his research for the film, Von Trier said he had read a lot of Patricia Highsmith and that it was “a pleasure to write”. While his knowledge of serial killers was sketchy, he added, “I do know a bit about psychopaths. I’ve never killed anyone myself. If I do, it will probably be a journalist.”


von Trier is really, really good at trolling journalists, one has to admit.


Yep. Looks like coupling him with Jordan Peele as a producer was a really good decision.

It really looks like Peele is set to become a major voice in American cinema over the next years. That’s pretty awesome.


I’m with you. I like how they used the rhythm to structure the trailer, and how they touched upon different songs. And I think we get a pretty good idea of what it will be about: for one thing, the music, for another the boldness of some of that music and the group dynamics, for another Freddie Mercury’s life. And I thought it looks pretyt well-made.

I’m definitely going to be there, honestly. If there ever was the perfect subject for a music biopic, it’s Queen and Mercury, and it’ll be fantastic to rediscover some of their songs in the narrative of a movie.


A friend of a friend worked for Queen in the 80’s at the fan club. He had no interest in the rock’n’roll lifestyle, it was just a job to him, but he had a few stories that would make good cinema, assuming the lawyers would clear them!


Yep. This looks like a really good Mission Impossible movie. Won’t change the world, but it’ll be a whole lot of fun, from the looks of it.




After John Wick 2 I can’t say I’m particularly excited for John Wick 3.