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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Yes and that’s what I am referring to. Not what the film is, which I agree is a mix of action/sci-fi/slasher pic. The trailers I saw were all about this mysterious creature picking them off and the sense of fear.

Saying that I looked on Youtube and the US trailer does sell it a lot more as Arnie as the ‘ultimate fighting machine’. So it’s possible we are all right but saw different promos.


I think it does, but I’m guessing there’s some nervousness about how much this is NOT a Jurassic Park movie. Treverow even says that in the video, they’re trying to “expand” the definition.

Clearly they’re bored with just using the park setting, restricting the events to a single island. They want to be able to put sequels in any location around the world and with different plot ideas than just people trapped in a location with dinosaurs.

And, since this is a significant change, they want the audience to be ready for it.


Yeah, that might well be what’s happening, and I suppose it’s fitting for a franchise that’s been rebranded as Jurassic World.

The non-park sections look like a lot more than just a rehash of the climax of Lost World.


I think it “looks” great. Wonderful design and cinematography.

Could still be dumb as a rock though.


I don’t know about that it. It looks like less to me. It’s still just an evil corporation moving the dinosaurs off the island and then loosing control of them but instead of the tonal consistency of Lost World it’s just contained to a single house and becomes a horror movie.


Olyphant has had practically zero good movie roles, so this is great to see.


The Crazies?


I’ve never seen it. Go is the only thing I can think of, aside from his 30 seconds in A Life Less Ordinary.


I love The Crazies. It’s a truly underrated remake.




That’s a quote that’s been applied to other stars many times before but it rarely sticks. Unless he’s actually convicted of killing somebody in cold blood or molesting kids, chances are he’ll keep working. Even at the worst period in his life, Robert Downey Jr. still made at least a movie a year. Now, he’s back on top.

No one who’s not named Tom stays on top for long, but they rarely entirely fall out of sight.


Depp has always been a weird case because he hasn’t really ever been a leading man, he has the leading man looks and media profile but he’s not really had many mainstream hits outside of the Pirates series.

He’s often at the top of that Forbes list showing the worst Box Office return for his salary.



I hope they hire a great writer, then Blomkamp can do what he does best; visualise the heck out of it!


In other news, ‘Creed 2’ casting news!


Cuff and Link are 44 years young.

Sylvester Stallone’s beloved bull mastiff, Butkus, died way back in 1981 (RIP). But two other star animals from 1976’s original, Oscar-winning Rocky are still alive and kicking.

An Instagram photo snapped on the set of Creed 2 revealed that Cuff and Link, the tiny turtles featured in Sly’s seminal movie, are now much larger at the ripe old age of 44.






I am highly disappointed that there is very little Jackin’ House Music in that trailer.


Well, well, well. Looks like von Trier has entered into another period of his work.

Nice to see him work his comedy muscles again, along with the Extremely Horrific Stuff ones. Atmosphere reminds me a bit of The Kingdom.

Definitely one I’ll watch in the theatre.