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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


“The Predator” is headed into horror territory, it seems; some bits in the trailer were pretty typical horror moments (the “It modifies itself on every planet!”). But the trailer didn’t create much tension, either.


Yeah, he is kinda Leatherface, but more like Lobsterface in this instance.

A lot of the themes of Predator rely on similar science fiction premises. Like in Planet of the Apes, how would you feel if humans were the animals who were culled and used for experiments? What happens when soldiers who’ve always been better trained and equipped than their enemies meet an enemy that is way better trained and equipped than they are? What happens when hunters find themselves hunted?

That transition in perspective was important to all the characters - it was used well in KONG: SKULL ISLAND, actually. That essentially was the internal part of the story. It is a horror story, but with characters who face death on a regular basis.


Oh, Predator is one of my favorites all the time.
It’s unique film with many angles. I wouldn’t call him slasher as steveuk pointed, although it has those familiar elements. Heck, I don’t consider TCM as slasher, but it is this movie that introduces us this slasher aspects. But, in that regard, Alien is more slasher than Predator. Where mixture if genres is more evident: science-fiction, action, horror, adventure.
And I agree with BeingHenning. The idea of hunters being hunted, in this case, a combat soldiers with ultra modern equipment. Btw, I don’t find the movie particularly scary; more intense or suspenseful. And that village raid is one of the best shootouts I’ve ever seen. You forget to breath then. Some parts are obvious: like when Shane Black runs into the forrest to get the girl, and we already know he’ll get killed.
Also, this is probably the only film where Arnie’s invulnearable, tough guy persona, is reduced. We rarely see him desperate and being chased by someone, or something.


I’m pretty old now, not that old that I didn’t see Predator at age 13 or 14 in a cinema that was very lax on entry rules.

Back then it was completely sold as a horror movie.




Can’t remember when was the first time I’ve seen the movie, but it was somewhere at 8 or 9 years (I think it was below ten) and staying late at 9:00 pm (or ten) to see it on TV. Well, in those years, it actually was pretty much late for me. But I distintcly remember how I was unnerved when Arnie was covered in the mud, with Predator standing near, but visually impervious to see him. Even today, I find it fairly intense.


Well, that gives quite a lot away.


Come on - it was being sold as a Schwarzanegger movie! :slight_smile:

It was an interesting time, but I’d say it was in that 80’s sci-fi thriller model. The Terminator, for example. The Terminator was far closer to a horror movie with Linda Hamilton essentially in the same role as Jamie Leigh Curtis in Halloween, but the Terminator wasn’t a horror movie in the same way the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street films were.

Predator was sold the same way that Aliens was the year before. A monster movie, but really much more of a combat thriller with a monster. There is no real sense of dread and actual horror in those movies though there are scares and tension.


This is why I think trying to pigeonhole things as a single defined genre can often be hard and not that productive. Predator is a great movie that has horror, sci-fi and action elements.

It can be three things!


True, certainly it is. When Terminator is hunting down people relentlessly. But again, you knew you aren’t in for a slasher.
Similar with Cobra. The scenes with Night Slasher stalking and brutally killing his victims are almost like you’re watching a typical slasher, but yet, Stallone’s presence reassures you. To me, D-Tox is a more of a horror movie, than a thriller, but it’d fair if you call it the latter.


That’s how I recall it as well.


One of the trailers from 1987;


Having been to Ibiza a number of times this trailer makes me want to go on the roof of those US skyrises and nonchalantly fall off.


For me, it’s just there is one specific element of horror that needs to be there for it to really be about the horror. Essentially, the victims need to be like the members of the audience. When they are space marines, bad ass commando units or a time traveling, robot smashing freedom fighters you lose that basic “this is happening to people like me” vibe that straight horror movies use to dig into you.

Now, you can look at ALIEN and see that it really is a horror movie. Or the THING. But those still are heavy science fiction, but ALIEN got the horror vibe working by making the astronauts into working class Joes in space.


I think it may be how it was sold here in the UK. I also remember more of a horror angle being pitched. Including my Da watching it while off on sick leave for two weeks and him saying it was too scary for me to watch too. I was pretty much allowed to watch anything sci-fi from a young age so it’s telling that that was his reaction even before he’d watched it.



Just talking about Predator, here is the best rap of all time…


But does it top this?


And Aliens certainly have that horror angle, despite the heavy emphasizes on action. Some parts, I remember, when alien queen appeared, huge, and crapped those eggs, I shuddered like on very cold wind. And facehugger trying to reach the little girl was quite rough.