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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


This seems unnecessary.


maybe they should ask Billy Bob Thornton to play the lead.


It is unnecessary. The original was great and the TV show is incredible.


Yeah, I don’t know how it possibly lives up to either of those.


I can’t believe someone’s being that much of a dick concerning Gilliam’s Don Quixote, now that it’s actually been shot. I get that this fits in with the curse and everything, but…C’mon!



In the end it serves nobody for any film to be unaired and making nothing unless they are extremely petty. An agreement will be arrived at.


That looks like that movie is doing that teenage rebel thing very, very well.



That looks like fun. I’ll be there for that.


Hey it’s a Shane Black movie not set during Christmas!


Predator in woody suburbia plays off better than expected.

And yes I’m willfully forgetting about AvP:R


I think he once said that he will be dead before that film is.


That’s a weird trailer though. They spend almost a minute on the toy ship thing, which is completely different to the rest of the trailer in tone. And the rest of it is mostly action shots with very little connecting tissue.

I am looking forward to the movie itself, but someone made some bad decisions with that trailer.


Nah, it’s an action trailer, rather than a story trailer. I think the probably assume that most people aren’t going to go to a predators movie for the story.


They should cast the Predator in a new version of Hamlet.


Paramount Pictures and Amblin will c0-finance Bernstein, a film about the iconic composer Leonard Bernstein that Bradley Cooper will star in and direct, and he will write the script with Josh Singer. Singer wrote a draft before he shared the Best Original Screenplay Oscar with Tom McCarthy for Spotlight. Cooper, through his Joint Effort banner, will produce with Fred Berner, Amy Durning, Kristie Macosko Krieger, and Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

This becomes the second film with towering creatives taking on the life of Bernstein and his rise from prodigy to such acclaimed works as West Side Story. Deadline last week revealed The American, a Bernstein film that will star Jake Gyllenhaal with Cary Joji Fukunaga directing a script that Michael Mitnick wrote from the Humphrey Burton biography Leonard Bernstein.

Spielberg was rumoured to be directing it himself, and he did a secret table read recently, so I guess this is what that was.


Those are not usually mutually exclusive. And it’s not a good sign when after watching the trailer, you have no idea who these people are and what the story is.

For an action trailer that is full of great action shots and easily manages to convey the story and who the characters are at the same time, look at the recent MI trailer:

If people went to see a Predator movie just for the action shots, “Predators” and “Aliens vs. Predators” would have been more successful movies.

Of course, I do expect The Predator to be much better than either of those, but the trailer gives me very little - I have no idea what the movie will be about (yes, Predators, I know, but that’s not the story) or what its tone will be. Black is a good director, but his real strength is the dialogue, so it’s a shame they hardly use that in the trailer.


Honestly, people went to see Predator for Arnold Schwarzanegger and the Predator itself was hardly seen in most of the movie. Instead, it was about the soldiers trying to deal with the transition from predator to prey. The movie is an action film - or really an action thriller, the tension is important - but that story was important to the impact. Again, it was another 80’s film that was kinda about a portion of the Vietnam experience with soldiers who think they are invincible meeting a threat they often can’t see but is far more lethal than they are.


We’ve had this little discussion before, but to recap; IMHO ‘Predator’ is a slasher film. It’s about an alien serial killer who stalks humans and murders them, then keeps trophies in the form of body parts of his victims (it skins some and removes the bones from others).

It has one big action scene (the attack on the rebel camp) and then a bit of punch up at the end. The rest of the time you barely see the Predator and it refuses to engage in a “fair fight”.

It runs, it hides and it kills the mercs from a distance. The only person it kills in hand to hand combat is Billy, and we never see that fight!

So; its a horror film with a very good action scene in the middle. IMO. :alien: