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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel



That looks much better than the last trailer.


I’m in.

I think Will Smith is going to rock it.


Yeah, that looks alright.

Although it’s never going to top Bernard And The Genie.


The new Chris Morris film sounds promising.



I don’t know. This trailer was a little better than the first but that snatch of Smith singing Friend Like Me sounded awful.


I actually how rough and off that sounded.
Reminded me of Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia.

For me, it’s just charming.


I could see bad singing from a non-singer maybe being charming but Smith doesn’t have that excuse.


I thought Smith was a rapper, not a singer?

(Ducks and runs…)


That trailer looks amazing. I wasnt at any point ‘not in’, but like my man @Tom_Punk: I’m in.


More Will Smith:

I hope it’s a better movie than Billy Lynn.




Before ‘Billy Lynn’ tanked I know people were looking at making a lot more high frame rate movies. Then, suddenly, they weren’t.

It’s a good film, or it isn’t. The FPS isn’t going to make it work.


That movie sounds pretty good to me. I hope that I can see it in the super high framerate.


The quotes in the article certainly seem to suggest the high frame rate only added to its problems though.


Really? Gilbert Gottfried was too busy to reprise?


More concept art from the Gatchaman movie that never happened:


I loved this book as a kid. Wolf’s death was the first time a book made me cry.


This looks like it could be interesting. Anyone watched it?