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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Huh. That’s actually how Rodriguez funded El Mariachi.


I’m terms of narrative I actually think it would work better as four movies, with Kaneda ‘dying’ at the end of the second movie.






It broke my childhood to discover Kaneda is pronounced Canada.



If only there was another movie that did the same thing, maybe a year or two ago.


The writer of the article knows.


The Rocky Horror is a lot older than two years.


Yeah, I like the meta aspect to it. I’m also really interested to see what that budget gets him considering how different the film world is from when El Mariachi came out.



Well, that’s a messy situation.


Well it wont pay anyone up front, so I guess it’s all deferred? Does the budget include any equipment his company or he himself owns?

We all know he’s totally capable of making a film for $7k from scratch again, but I’m interested in what self imposed rules he set himself?


Concept art from the GATCHAMAN movie that almost happened:


Wasn’t that going to be directed by Bryan Singer?


Just watch Gatchman Crowds instead. It’s amazing


But Alec Baldwin isn’t the right skin tone!!! :laughing:


Surely it couldn’t be better than the Gatchaman movie we already have?






Not good enough! :joy: