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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I’m still holding out for Bright 2




Joel Egerton played the ogre


Be grateful. at least Will is not playing Serena :yum:


All orges look the same to me.


I’m assuming that part is going to John Cena.


Or Scarlet Johansson.


Or Scarlett Johannson


Wow that was spooky :smiley:


Blatant ogreism, right there. Shame on you!


There’s good people on both sides.



Joel Edgerton’s character in ‘Bright’ was an Orc, not an Ogre.

It’s hard to believe this is a geek board sometimes. :roll_eyes:


I would definitely watch a sequel.


The sequel is supposed to film this month, but that could have been pushed back in the last six months since it was announced.


I was under the impression that was part of @Tom_Punk’s joke.


Aaw, you guys. I was really hoping that the trailer for the new Tarantino movie had dropped. Dang it.


The teasing of Chris Nolan’s next movie is continuing;

DoP Hoyte van Hoytema is planning to re-team with Christopher Nolan on his upcoming production scheduled to begin filming this June. The Warner Bros. feature is described as a romantic thriller, NORTH BY NORTHWEST in tone meets INCEPTION.


Romance isn’t something we’ve seen from Nolan before. Mostly as almost all his main characters’ wives die or are already dead.


I’m intrigued. He’s a smart guy, all his films are worth watching, I hope this is a successful evolution in his work.