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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Paul Shrader shed a bit of light into arbitration rules during one seminar. He said that, if there are two writersm the first one needs to have at least 50% percent in order to have his credit written first. Name changing doesn’t count. He also add, that by today’s standards, he’d receive credit for Close Encounter of Third Kind.


The game is afoot again!

  1. “This year’s Foot Locker” isn’t making anyone in the military interested in seeing it. They may as well have said “Looks good but dumb as fuck.”
  2. Those Southern accents sound like something out of a bad made for TV movie.

  1. Unless you’re actually in the military ‘this years hurt locker’ means gritty moving war drama.

  2. All southern accents sound like they’re from a bad made for TV movie.



American accents seem inherently difficult. Try listening to a Maine accent if you’re from Maine. Maybe all accents. And foreign languages. And shoe sizes! They’re always screwing that up! Although really effective at garnering Oscars. (Industry secret. Shh!)



Oh, I really hope this is good.


Bogus Journry was a favourite of mine growing up, so I’d definitely be down to see more of Bill and Ted…Just think of all the “what is a phone booth” jokes.


Bogus Journey is a great movie. I actually prefer it of the two.


I thought Fred Gwynne did a decent Maine accent in the original Pet Sematary film, but I only know the Portland version of a Maine accent.


I loved that it was so different when it would have been easy to just rehash the first one with minor changes.

This one sounds different again. It’s going to be hard to live up to those first two movies that are burned into my memory from childhood, but it feels like a franchise-resurrection that might actually have something new and interesting to say, rather than just being an empty nostalgia exercise.


Not hugely convincing to me.:smirk:



I saw this last month. Parts of it strain suspension of disbelief but by the end it just an insane bloody action movie.


I hope he’s ok.


Together with the hospitalization, the curse continues.


Time to make arrangements to travel out of the country if needed.