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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Obviously Arthurian adaptations are overdone, but I’ll watch anything Lowery does.


People keep telling me that the recent ‘King Arfur: The Cockey Geezer Who Would Be King’ movie isn’t as bad as I assume it is.

But then nothing could be as bad as I assume that film is.

I’ll remain hopeful about this one.


If we’re talking about the Ritchie movie, the biggest sin is that it’s horribly boring.

I’m excited about the Green Knight movie.
That’s a good story.


Nah, it’s pretty choppy.




I’m not entirely convinced that’s real, but then I’m still not convinced that the movie is either.


In addition to the series, it seems Critters V has finished shooting:


They are lying.
Now if your properly wasted, then it’s hilariously bad but otherwise, nope.


Ya that still looks animated.

This is live action.


How did you get hold of my passport photo?


Imagine waking up in the middle if the night and he was just standing there. In the dark. Watching.


You’ve been reading Ronnie’s diary again, haven’t you?


It was sitting open, what do you want me to do??


Take pictures and post them to the Internet so everybody can read it!

You are so fucking selfish, Parker.


That would be normal, hedgehogs are nocturnal.


It’s cool I commited it to memory.

Talk about how large my penis is.

Talk about how much Jim can’t get enough of my penis.

Talk about Superman. And my huge penis.

Fantasize about man dressed as Sonic The Hedgehog

Penis penis penis.



I don’t keep a journal but that’s pretty close to my internal dialog. :wink:


“Can we sell a movie about one of the greatest athletes of modern times?”
“Sure, who is he?”
“Er… it’s a ‘she’.”
“Oh. Well can we make it all about her father instead?”


Will Smith can’t stop ruining shit right now.