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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


And then the ghosts kidnap the youngest kid and take them to their rea and then they can only communicate to the mother by turning on and off a bunch of light bulbs that she’s put on the wall next to different letters!


I don’t get it.
Why not Lillard?


I still think it’s a GREAT idea to relaunch Ghostbusters like this. Specially now that we’re deep into the “wonder years”-like nostalgia trend. If they do this right, they’ll have a good kid’s franchise to milk for a good trilogy at least.

In fact, it might not be easy… but basically take the same vibe as say… the Goonies, but in a modern setting (don’t puss out and make it an 80’s movie), so kids with iphones, internet access, social media, etc… but injected with that retro/nostalgic vibe of the 80’s… And with supernatural mysteries… I think that’s a frickin winning formula… Basically modern-day Goonies with actual ghosts.


They should put Dr Finkel in the movie:


He’s great. Like Dumbledore with non-swearing Tourette’s.


Gonna watch this for sure:


Speaking of Lillard:


He did a fine job in the role, but he wasn’t the originator of the character, that was Casey Kasem.


He’s had the torch for over a decade, even Kasem got the chance to pass it to him.
It’s weird since Lillard is a movie actor too, so if not get him then let him pass it Forte too.


He was perfect as Shaggy.


Well I’m sure he got his hopes up with the recent Shaggy meme… he should’ve known better… =P


He was pretty good but he’s not me. :wink:


Wow…you got what it takes.


I love Gar’s Scooby costume, too.



Looks like the other critters movie is still happening!


Who will win?!


What definition of “Look forward to” are they using?


I mean, I guess in the sense that they’re in the future, so it’s not like we can look back on them…