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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


It looks like they’re going the way of the superhero movie.



Why is Pacino doing a weird voice in that?


Isn’t that what all Irishmen sound like?



They spent $200 million on this movie and $50 on the first ad for it.


No they sound weird in a different way.


I think you are seriously overestimating the ad budget.


I can give you an educated guess on the budget for that CG but, I suspect, no-one really cares. :sunglasses:

I want to see some of the de-aging shots. Not because I doubt the ability to deliver them, we’ve all seen some great examples in other films and the budget is high enough to get the best people to do them.

I just want to see what they’ve decided to go with in terms of the characters looks?

De Niro and Pacino have been acting for decades. We KNOW what that looked like when they were young men.


On the contrary, please do. I like figuring out where the budget of a movie actually goes.


All told that’s a $5k trailer.

If they went through a lot of ideas and versions then that goes up of course, but the CG looks like it was done by a graphics company and they delivered it fast, so $5K is about right for the edit, the sound and the graphics.


I think it also aired on TV in the US during the Oscars (and probably only that once), so that would cost quite a bit too.


The airtime was a huge cost, I’m sure. But delivering the digital file of the trailer, ready for broadcast, was $5k if they were careful and anything above that if they weren’t.


Guys, I was just making a joke.


But we were right about to see someone declare kumite



This sounds fantastic. I must remember to see it at the cinema when it comes around.



It’ll be great to finally see some more new Kubrick material.


This is…still looking dang good.


Mewtwo’s tail is definitely a dick. It’s literally coming from his crotch!