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It just feels like there were so many choices they could have made with this movie…and picked all of the wrong ones.


One odd choice seems to be doing a clearly very Latin American story and putting a white actress in the lead role. I assume she’s not supposed to be playing hispanic at least? Her character’s name is Anna Garcia, but that’s probably just her married name?


I don’t even much mind the white actress bit.
It’s just that it’s kinda compounded by over-exaggerating the scare factor and taking the folkore and making it…really dumb looking.

Like if Paul Bunyan had a machine gun or something.
Feels kinda tasteless.




It’s a Waniverse film so it’s got to follow the style and template of those films even if the folklore doesn’t actually fit them.


Cast has not been set.

I’ll bet that’s a major reason for being put on the back burner: No one wants to act in the movie as long as Singer is involved. It would be a PR nightmare for actors who take roles in it.


There’s some good money laundering that could be done right now in a movie produced by Harvey Weinstein, directed by Bryan Singer, starring Kevin Spacey and Liam Neeson, entitled “Fuck It”.


Starring Kevin Spacey in black-face as Cosby…



While it’s not the right post for all that kerfuffle, lumping Thought Crime in with all those other cunts is a bit harsh.


Everything about the Aladdin movie looks great… except the people. Each time anyone is on-screen I’m like… nah.



(cinematography, film editing, live-action short and makeup/hairstyling)


Look at cinematography getting the short shrift. Oh well, I suppose that we don’t need to hear all of Cuaron’s winning speeches.


I’m surprised they haven’t done away with some of the technical awards from the broadcast ages ago—I don’t think most audiences really know or care much about it, and I don’t get the sense that voters put a lot of thought into their picks.

However, cinematography seems like a weird choice to get the axe, as that is one that is easiest for most people to understand.


The person who runs the camera department (the camera that filmed the actual movie) will be hidden behind the commercial breaks.

Oh well, maybe it’ll help the show keep it’s audience?

I think it’s fixing the wrong problem though. They need to make the format more fun and interesting. It needs to feel like the competition is actually going on that night.


No, the problem is no one gives a shit about those pretentious movies that no one has seen but they keep picking… =P


A new Sinbad film in the works;