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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel



Oh boy, this looks really bad.


I’m in.
Yeah the Genie’s CGI looks terrible…but I’m in.


It looks as bad as Dumbo looks perfect.


You’ve got reversed my friend.


I’m still as pumped for it as I ever was, but… It does look kind of terrible, so far.


Boys, boys, they both look terrible.



Bonus memes.


Is no-one mentioning Jafar’s voice?

It’s really light. Maybe his performance will be wonderful? In context?


I didn’t think it looked that bad. People really will complain about anything.


Hey! Mockery is not the same as complaning!!


I don’t see what’s so bad about it. It looks like it could be a lot of fun.


It’s going to be a year of weird CGI Will Smith with this and the Ang Lee movie he’s being de-aged for.


It just looks like they painted him blue and gave him a goatee and a pony tail.


It looks like the badly grafted his face to a blue balloon version of him, and that they couldn’t make the balloon float in any kind of a controlled way.

Everyone who thinks it’s fine? Lovely! Good for you.

I don’t.


CGI is now so good that they can create a 100% believable version of a human being in naff blue bodypaint.

(It feels like there might be a cheaper way of achieving that though.)


Maybe it’s just me but I found the few line deliveries to be stilted and flat and the environment look artificial. I had high hopes for this but this trailer killed that for me.


I thought that initially too, it looked okay on my phone, especially as it’s so dark you can barely see much, but when you put it on a laptop screen him bobbing about looks really shit. The larger it’s going to get on a cinema screen the more painfully obvious it’s going to be how bad and cartoon the cgi is for the usual standard in big movies.

There’s no real excuse for it these days so I think that’s why it’s being mocked so much, though I don’t think a family audience will care too much about that if it’s fun.



edit: Found a better picture.