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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


That’s awesome. Adjustment Bureau is hugely underappreciated.


God, I forgot all about Adjustment Bureau. That was a solid movie…I remember being really entertained the whole time. Damon and Blunt had great chemistry.


I keep forgetting that that movie exists and that I always meant to see it. It’s currently on one of my streaming services, fingers crossed I’ll make it this time before I’ve forgotten it again!


You’ll probably forget after watching it too.


What was that we were going to watch?


I forget.



“I do not need a bigger boat, I do n… Oh, hi Shark.”



Clearly, the man is a genius.


Does anybody remember that this whole franchise started as a Point Break ripoff about a family of car thieves in a small area of Los Angeles?


Yes. We were discussing it upthread.


I swear, we’re gonna end up with the crew driving suped up dune buggies on Mars by the end.


I hope so.


The screenwriter has said space is the logical end point of the series.


I absolutely need to convince my boss to get a license for this movie.


The step beyond that being Lego Fast & Furious.


Once Disney buy out Universal to get the full rights to The Hulk they can just intergrate it into the the MCU.

Right before the Marvel/Star Wars crossover.


Space never really works for me in that kind of action movie. It all just feels like Armageddon. Like the way Moonraker is the most absurd of the generally already absurd James Bond movies.

I mean, sorta like the way they took Tim Powers ON STRANGER TIDES novel and mutilated it into a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie, they could probably take the plot of some cyberpunk short story or novel and shoehorn it into a Fast and Furious Frontier movie


Cyberpunk would be a bad fit. They’ve got hackers in the team (two of them) but hacking makes for boring cinema.

Vin racing a Moon Buggy? Or a Mars Buggy?!

That’s a whole other sort of scifi.