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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I didn’t know Demon Knight was until a couple of days ago.


I had know idea. It didn’t even occur to me about those elements after reading the article, I suppose I was thinking about it more in a mainstream ‘events’ sort of way.







Nice teaser poster

Still don’t understand that color scheme.


Yeah, those coats are pretty ugly. But I have to applaud that tag line.


It’s much better than what they’ve been marketing the movie as recently.
The official twitter account was even making “millennial” jokes.

Cause that’s on brand for Shaft right?




I like that they’re trying to convince you that SLJ is the main character again in this one.


This just reminds me of Amazing World of Gumball.



I think sometimes we forget we are not the audience for these movies.

They are made for kids and there’s some adult components included to make the trip to the cinema or constantly looping stream/DVD more tolerable.

My kids love Lego Batman, it’s literally been on every single day our house since it became available to watch at home.


Yeah, I’m currently doing my full read of all of Hellboy in preparation for this new movie because I read a while back it was going to be R rated, dark, a lot of horror and instead what I see here is a 12A, piss weak comedy with someone in Hellboy cosplay.

Really disappointed, particularly as the poster at my local cinema captured the tone so well.