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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel



Woo’s first US movie in 15 years, since Paycheck.


So you’re saying he’s gone 15 years without a paycheck? :open_mouth:

…I’ll get my coat.


A US paycheck, you really need to work on your reading skills.


I’m genuinely excited for this movie. Big fan of Danny McBride and the original Halloween.


I’m excited for it too thought I think the big question mark is the director. He’s an indie drama darling but I wasn’t impressed by his few attempts at mainstream movies (Your Highness, Out Brand Is Crisis, etc).


I wasn’t a fan of Wolfcop but this looks pretty good.



I don’t know anything about the director. My biggest problem with the movie is finding someone to go with me. You’re not going to be in Alabama around October are you?


That is really funny, but Only God Forgives is pretty great.


Oh, life can be harsh sometimes. Damn, Woo, why?


David Gordon Green is a really good director. He’ll be fine. The one to maybe look at for Halloween reference is “Undertow”. It’s not horror but it’s a bit of suspenseful Southern Gothic in the tradition of “Night of the Hunter”.

Plus Green directed many episodes of “Eastbound and Down” which I think we can all agree was the best TV show of the last ten years or so.




A Tarantino-directed LotR would have been something.





They would have gotten to Bombadil’s house in the first ten minutes, and the rest would be a rather bloody mess.


Robin Hood as…Batman, I guess?

3 years until the inevitable crossover with King Arthur, or whatever.