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Otter looks ancient.


Hard living will do that.



I wonder how big a cinema run they are going to do. I could see it actually doing well in theatres.


The Watchmen movie had that problem big time. Average viewer probably didn’t realise that this was supposed to be a world without super-powers because everybody fought like they had super-powers.


Well, not the folks in the alley, so much.


I should’ve said “everybody in costume” :wink:


The alley scene in Watchmen is probably my least favorite thing in the movie. It was this moment where Snyder let his want for a crazy stylized action scene get in the way of telling the story the proper way and it made me believe that he didn’t really understand the source material at all. It was so out of place for me.


That was definitely in my mind when I posted. It was probably the film that made me first question the trend.


Or maybe he did and was commenting on superhero and action films in the same way the source material was. :wink:


He would’ve done the opposite of what he did, if that had been what he was going for.


Or would he?


Well, one thing that Moore didn’t do in Watchmen is exaggerate the crowd-pleasing effects like action splash-pages from superhero comics. He went the opposite way and had very few fights, and none of them particularly exciting.

You seem to suggest that Snyder, um, did exactly the same by doing exactly the opposite? I don’t think I can follow the argument there… if you’re thinking of those scenes as parody, I don’t think I can agree with that, either.


Snyder is a smart guy, I think he understood a lot of what Moore was getting at. I liked that he used superhero movies as a reference for the costumes in the movie, that was a good way of connecting the film to an audience that hadn’t read comics but has seen the Batman movies with the shiny plastic armour.

But I agree with Christian that some of it went past him or failed to mesh with his sensibilities.

Snyder has said in interviews that his comics were never mainstream american, they were the imported European stuff that was showcased in ‘Heavy Metal’.

Moore was steeped in Americana, but as an Englishman he was also an outsider. You can see why his meta-commentary would appeal to someone who hadn’t read DC and Marvel and regarded them (perhaps) as a lesser cousin to the sophisticated European approach.

Which, by the way, I disagree with. I think Moore was analysing, not denigrating. He remained a fan of escapist fiction while using his own work to dig deeper into it. To look at what escape really meant?

'Watchmen’s biggest problem wasn’t Snyder though, it was that it was too early.

The comic had decades of comics to feedback on, the film didn’t have decades of movies. It would probably work better now, and even more so in a few years. The TV show will have more to draw from than the movie had, but still maybe not quite enough.


Don’t know if Zack or he and Deborah or a committee or who(m)ever - but his movies have great songs and soundtracks.


It’s entirely possible the Watchmen movie wouldn’t have gotten made unless the financiers were promised a few big action scenes, even if it warps the source material somewhat. You could apply similar criticism to the Lord of the Rings films as well.

Regarding Watchmen, I guess we’ll see what happens with this HBO show.


The series sounds like it will be “After Watchmen” so the comparison may not be there.


The five on the list are all made by black filmmakers, Night of the Living Dead and Candyman aren’t (and the latter has some serious issues in how it handles race).


That makes the list much more understsndable in that context.