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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel



Thanks. I love it.


Yeah, that is a fantastic bit of casting there.



I’m surprised at some of the omissions on that list. Night of the Living Dead itself and Candyman among others but I suppose it’s more a list of movies you wouldn’t initially think of, bar Get Out.


I don’t know. It’s a pretty obvious list for the most part. The only surprising inclusion was Demon Knight, despite it being a favorite of mine.


I guess but I just feel British horror and sci-fi horror is completly overlooked. I think maybe five is too small a number though, the source of the article’s content definitely seems like a good one.


Another omission:


Unlike its sequel.


This is actually a serious problem in modern action cinema, and I think it’s escalating.

John Wayne punched someone, and the guy probably fell over.

Vin Diesel/Statham/The Rock/whoever punches someone and the guy flies back 20 feet.

Modern action heroes routinely do feats (not just punches, but jumps and sprints and absorbing punishment) that are way above human ability. It’s set a new physical baseline for humans, and the bar’s going to keep getting higher as film makers feel the need to increase the spectacle.

And super heroes are going to suffer for it. It makes you wonder why they bothered giving Steve Rogers a super-soldier serum, they should have just put Vin Diesel in the costume because we know he can already do everything Cap can and more. Cap’s a bit of a wimp by modern movie standards, to be honest.


I think there’s more than one way to level the field though.

Bad guys can have better fighting skills, they can have henchmen to make the numbers uneven, they can have less scifi technology that’s still very powerful and, perhaps most importantly, they can cheat!


You’re aware of Greek Mythology, right? :wink:


Yes, but that deals with demigods. You’ll notice I’m not complaining that Thor punches too hard :stuck_out_tongue:


You only complain when he punches you.


Weren’t you around at the same time as Jason?



Ah yes, my old pal. I well remember the amazing power that was part of his birthright as the great-grandson of Hermes… with that godly blood in his veins his feats were almost as great as that mortal you call “The Rock” (who would be slamming those skeltons through cars, not struggling to hold them off with a sword).


Maybe movie heroes are just better today than they were then. :wink:


Pffft. “Your grandfather was a God.” Heard that old chestnut before.

To be fair The Rock seems to come from a long line of men who I have no problen believing they could slam a skeleton through a car.


What… you mean human evolution??? Piffle! Balderdash!!