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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Yeah that looks great. A perfect continuation of their relationship in FF8. Though why wasn’t it Kurt Russell recruiting them?

Also, so the series is going full on sci-fi with a villain who’s actually superhuman rather than the film ignoring how physics and the body work?


I actually miss when the most outlandish thing in a Fast and Furious movie was Bow-Wow having a tiny car with the Hulk painted on it that he never drove.

Glad I stopped at 7, and barely remember 4-6.


You missed out FF8 is a ton of fun. The best of the recent films.


That’s a low bar.




Tom, I think you might be the only person I’ve ever met who actually likes the first 3 F&F movies :joy:

I’m sure there are plenty, but I never made it past the 1st one since I viewed it as a poor imitation of Point Break.


Well, not so much 2Fast 2Furious…which only has the saving grace of Tyrese Gibson.
But the first and third are the high water mark for the series, no doubt.


Nah the first film is great. It’s hard to go wrong with muscle car Point Break. The third film though is empirically terrible, though I’d still rank it above 4 just because it doesn’t rely on PlayStation 1 level CGI.


Terrible, and yet amazing.


Oh, I know plenty of people that like the first one. I’d just personally rather watch Point Break instead. But I don’t know anyone who likes 2 or 3.


Amazingly terrible.


Vin Diesel should know when he’s beat. That actually looks like fun.


Has Fast & Furious gone full sci-fi? The Hobbs & Shaw writer answers our questions about THAT trailer


Despite being set in the ‘real world’, the Fast and Furious movies threw the laws of physics out the window years ago. But is Hobbs and Shaw the film where F&F finally takes on superhero cinema at its own game? It certainly seems that way, with Brixton monologuing that he is “human evolutionary change”, but Brixton’s no X-Man according to Morgan.

“We kept it just this side of sci-fi,” says the writer. “Brixton plays a future tech mercenary, using the latest dark tech. So his suit is light but it’s bulletproof. He is slightly genetically augmented. Nothing that is so far beyond the realm that it would lead into sci-fi."


That’s NOT scifi. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

“I’ll give you the reason why we went there,” Morgan adds. “There’s a really crucial moment in the trailer where Brixton steps up, and he punches Hobbs, and Hobbs goes flying and smashes into a car. These two guys are such alpha heroes. We wanted someone to step up as our villain that could be an equal and opposite to them. In fact, probably stronger than them, which would force these guys to have to work together to beat him.”

I’m pretty sure we figured that bit out for ourselves.



Following up;


Sources said Bardem will play Stilgar, one of the Freman warriors.




So I’m already eagerly awaiting Alita and this review has only increased my excitement:

Before we get to the film, it must be said that Alita operates as a welcome balm to the current wave of glossy studio blockbusters. It offers a stern rebuke to the continuing (and, frankly, deeply depressing) Marvelisation of action movies, taking a fairly standard hero-must-rise storyline but stripping away all the turgid self-importance, the visual flatness, the vulgar iconography and that constant eye on core brand values. Plus, in a more basic sense, the choreography is fluid and clear, not obscured in a haze of edits or needlessly acrobatic camera moves.

I don’t think that there’s anything better that you could say to me about a blockbuster right now.


I’m glad to hear people like it, the tone of the review is bit more aggressive than it needs to be, but good luck to the film.


The reviews I’ve seen seem to suggest it’s all spectacle and little substance because they tried to cram in too much of the manga.