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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Honestly probably not much. He’s been pretty limited in his appearance in the series.


Yeah, but his appearance in Fast Five is what caused the series to become a massive success.


It was already heading there though after FF4 though. He’s only been in a few scenes in each film after FF5 too.


True, but at the cost of the movies being any good.
Hopefully the next one brings the Drift King back for real and we can get a decent sequel.


Not looking forward to the eventual complaints about race switching.


Well yeah, I can clearly see she’s not Arabic. Everything about the casting for this continues to baffle me. But on the plus side, there’s no Sting (yet).


Come on. Dune isn’t Dune without Sting in a big blue leather jockstrap.


Fucking hell, Sting.


To be fair, the man does insist that people call him “Sting”. Everything else is pretty downhill after that.


And even more interesting to see how the Rock/Statham one performs in comparison to the Vin Diesel one. This is like Bond and Moore both putting out a Bond movie.


I think not having the Fast and the Furious name will hurt it unless the other is just a subtitle.


I think they’ll both do well, but you can be sure their respective leading men will be watching the results closely.


It’s called Fast & Furious Presents Calvin & Hobbes.


I just want less super-spy stuff, a focus on the cars, racing, and out of place hip-hop ridiculousness.

Also, NOS


I’m waiting for them to go into space.

Or time travel?


I had never heard about this one before. Stanley Kubrick directing The Beatles in a Lord of the Rings movie with original songs - and John as Gollum? That’s a whole lot of drugs.


Oh look, another miscast… wow it just keeps getting better and better… :roll_eyes:


Or the cars transform into giant robots.


How about an office comedy?


What if we replace the cars with cruise liners? It worked for Speed, right?