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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


The 2014 Godzilla was an absolute radioactive dumpster fire. Not enough monsters and really boring humans.

My fear with this new movie is that it will have too many monsters. It feels like it’s blowing its wad here and not leaving much for future movies.


Yeah, that was my impression from the trailers, but knowing how well Dougherty handled multiple storylines, characters and his feel for the classic monsters, I’m more interested in how it will play out.

Of course, he wrote Superman Returns as well as the others (and some of the X-men movies) but he didn’t direct it.


I think they’re missing a trick by not calling the new Godzilla movie How I Met Your Mothra.


King Kong is who they’re leaving for the next one. As long as we get that movie in all of its huge, dumb glory, then I’ll consider this series a success.


Hasn’t that always seemed weird? It doesn’t seem like a giant gorilla would have much on dinosaurs and extraterrestrial dragons who can fire atomic beams, but he’s still considered top billing for a match with Godzilla.



SPAWN Will Change How You Think of Superhero Movies


I really want to see that Spawn movie. I just wonder if it will ever actually go into production. The script just must not be in great shape or Macfarlane is just refusing to make any changes and waiting to wear down the people putting up the money.


Maybe it’ll finally make me believe that superhero movies are going the way of the Western.

That’s pretty much what he says in the interview JR posted. So far, every producer who has read it hated it, but McFarlane just wants to double down and grind away at them.

Good luck with that.


It’s set up at Blumhouse;

So it has a producer, with his own finance, two name actors and a script.

That’s as close to greenlit as any movie gets before they say “Action!”

Maybe it’s a scheduling issue? Everyone has to find a mutually available time to do it.


Wasn’t this a fake trailer a couple of years back?


They should’ve set it at Gatwick Airport.

Yes, it was a parody;


Apologies if this was posted before, it’s from November, cropped up in a trade magazine I read -

" It was not a good week for the Pathé cinema chains. First, their UK branch’s Twitter account was hacked and used in a cryptocurrency scam and then it became known that their Dutch branch had lost more than 19 million euros (US$21.5m) trough a business email compromise (BEC) scam.

The scam began in March with an email to the company’s CFO, allegedly from Pathé’s French parent firm, which told him to transfer more than 800,000 euros as part of a “strictly confidential” acquisition, Dutch business site Quote reports.

Though the CFO and the CEO did discuss among themselves that the request was rather strange, they did not appear to have considered that it might actually have been a fraud. Nor did they consider this possibility when several more requests followed, which again struck them as highly unusual, but to which they nevertheless dutifully obliged.

Only when the head office asked about the payments did they realise they had been a victim of a BEC scam. By that time, more than 19 million euros had been wired to the perpetrators."


I am still amazed that people fall for scams like this. Don’t people follow the news anymore?! At least once a week there is a story or news feature about the latest scam.





I watched much of Season 3 of Sopranos yesterday, and was shocked to see the Twin Towers in one shot of the New York skyline; turns out that season aired in early 2001, so obviously it was filmed prior to the events of 9-11. Still, it is a bit disconcerting to realize that this series is 20 years old already.


Dave Bautista Joins Timothée Chalamet in Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’

Dave Bautista has joined the high-profile cast of Dune, Legendary’s adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel being directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Timothee Chamalet and Rebecca Ferguson are already top-lining the project,


Ferguson is to play Atreides’ mother, Lady Jessica, who escapes with him into the desert and helps him become a savior in their eyes.

Bautista will be playing “Beast” Rabban, the sadistic nephew of a baron who oversees Arrakis.

Villeneuve, Eric Roth and Jon Spaihts wrote the script. Villeneuve is also producing along with Mary Parent and Cale Boyter.