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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I think it needed a little more Godzilla… and more Cranston, too. Once he bought it, I really didn’t care too much what happened to the other characters.



This will be great.



Okay… I’m not familiar with the Artemis Fowl series (I thought it was about a criminal child mastermind in a magical world), but this looks like “Harry Potter joins the Men in Black.”


It’s more like a sort of magical James Bond Junior so you aren’t too far off.


I think the books are, at least early on, but the movie has gotten rid of the “criminal” aspects.


Yeah, they are generally good ideas for spoof trailers, but too one note for full movies. WOLF COP was a movie I enjoyed, and I think it originally was just a trailer, but even it got tiresome by the end.

The new Hell Boy does not look too different from the old HellBoy, it’s true. Personally, I don’t really like the new look. He kinda looks like the son of the Devil from the Preacher TV show. It fits the character, but it’s just a little too facially deformed in away that turns me off.


A trailer from a month ago, so it may already have been posted;

Not a new plot, but Mullen is always great and Butler is generally very good, even if his films are variable.

Shame about the generic title though.



That looks like a lot of fun!


That looks like it shows a lot!


I’m honestly not too sure, it’s more stylised in places than I expected, but he gets the benefit of the doubt after ‘Get Out’.


The use of that track as a soundtrack is fantastic!!

Incidentally the I got 5 on it* loop is samples from an 80s track called “Why you treat me so bad,” I don’t know if that’s alluding to anything but Jordan Peele is really in depth where most stuff generally means something or has other connotations. In this case the whole thing could maybe denote a bad trip scenario. It’s cool in any case.

*Also incidentally, when I were a lad, in my neck of the woods, we called a ‘5’ a ‘Five Deal’ but it was only really kids bought Five Deals, pretty much all resin was sold in Ten Deals unless you were going is a group and getting an ounce - Riggidy Riggidy Rollin’ Parker


That looks great. I’m in.


That is epidemic for trailers. I wonder what the thinking is that goes into it. I saw the trailer for A DOG’S JOURNEY and at the end, I just didn’t know why I need to see the movie now.

In some trailers, there is no way to tell what the movie’s about, and in others, they show you the whole movie.


Rise of The Planet of the Apes, it summarises the entire movie, in sequence, barring the last 2 or 3 minutes.

Saying that I wouldn’t rule out Peele having a twist we haven’t seen.


And then ‘Rise’ goes on to make $480m and two sequels.

I understand the criticism, but the trailers sell tickets, if they’re summarising a good film.


Sure but I wasn’t suggesting it would flop or be a bad film because of it.

I think there is still scope to criticise the practice because you can pick others that reveal almost nothing at all and still go on to similar or better box office success. You can show the ‘sexy bits’ towards the end without doing a beat for beat summary of the plot too.


Yeah, I watched every trailer for The Avengers that I could find (Spanish, Italian, Japanese, all of them) and that movie was still full of surprises.
The Force Awakens did a good job of hiding the plot too.