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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


The Hellboy makeup looks weird, especially around the mouth, don’t you think? It seems a bit off.

Overall, the trailer was disappointing; seems like a pale imitation of the first GDT film.


Yeah I think it’s a lot heavier than the previous make-up. Harbour is doing a good job making it live, but it’s more mask like than we’ve seen before.

I’ll get used to it. I like the design, but it’s got side effects for the performance.


Must admit, I was hoping for something more gothic, matching the melancholy tone of the comic more. But we’re unlikely to get that from Neil Marshall - poetic and subtle he ain’t.

I just basically want Woman In Black with Hellboy replacing Daniel Radcliffe. :frowning:


I’d watch Harry Potter with Hellboy replacing Daniel Radcliffe.

That’s a Funny or Die video that NEEDS to be made!


Doesn’t look any worse than 2 or 3, outright.
But it doesn’t feel the same without New York.


Was just coming to post that. I thought it would be difficult to replace Smith but that looks pretty great.


Good to see Northern Ireland involved in protecting the Earth.


Gotta keep the rep up now the fight against the White Walkers is winding up.


I liked MIB3.

Not so much MIB2, but 3 had a lot of good stuff and a decent story.

Both suffered from being sequels to a movie that had a very good ending though.


This looks fine. A bit generic. I’m confused about whether or not Chris Hemsworth is actually supposed to be competent or not.


As an actor?


A what?



Well that certainly escalated.


I don’t know why she doesn’t just go all Hit-Girl on her ass. :wink:


Because she’s a woman now and they don’t like being called girls.



I think that the new Hellboy looks a bit rubbish. Hopefully it’s just the trailer though (which did get better towards the end). On the contrary, Men in Black looked pretty fun. I’m excited for it.


I thought the new Hellboy looks fun. Bit rough around the edges maybe, but we’ll see with another trailer.

One thing I do like a lot is that I am getting a later version BPDR vibe off of it, in the sense that the world is pretty much in an all-out war against the paranormal. And the design of that creature in the Thames looked very cool.


For me, I think a lot is going to be about attachment; I like Hellboy a lot, so I want it to work, even though the trailer isn’t great.

On the other hand, although I also love the first MIB movie, I can take or leave them as a series and I’m far less likely to give it a go after it’s trailer, which is also a bit crap.

Both films have good casts, decent budgets and could turn out well, but I wont be cutting the MIB as much slack, should they need it.