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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Some of those complaints are hilariously stupid.


We’re also hearing that the new Halloween is being aimed at “modern horror fans who enjoy franchises like The Purge and Sinister, rather than the nuanced or complex tapestry Michael Myers aficionados are craving.” There are also “cool nods” to previous films in the franchise – such as shot-for-shot recreations of classic moments – but they feel more like “rip-offs” than “homages.”

I’m a big fan of Halloween, but it’s not complex or nuanced. It’s stylish, much more so than ‘Friday the 13th’ for example, but complex? Not so much.


Aye. Mute Slashers don’t really do much internal stuff - especially Halloween which has always felt content to be “he was pure evil” - which is fine and most of the attempts to do otherwise with this specific character have fallen flat.


This is my favorite:

To date, we’ve heard nothing but good things about David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s upcoming Halloween sequel which, for those who don’t know, will ignore all films in the series except John Carpenter’s original.

It wasn’t a disaster, mind you, but spoke to their source and while the individual claimed that overall they did enjoy Halloween, it certainly had some flaws. However, they were also quick to mention that with reshoots, said issues could probably be ironed out. For starters, apparently there’s a lack of continuity in the sequel, with very little connecting it to the rest of the franchise.


Yeah, those are weird complaints for a movie that’s been pretty open that it will serve as a sequel to the original while ignoring the rest. Which is a good move, because none of the rest were particularly good.



The Producers is only topped by Young Frankenstein when it comes to Brooks films.



Putting that on my Fall “Rom-Com VOD” list


It’s the strange nature of “twitter matters” reporting. You can find pretty much any collection of responses to anything to support any point of view.


Um… what does twitter have to do with anything? This was from a test screening the production company did.




This got fantastic reviews at Sundance:







God, I love Friedkin.