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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I sat through Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur, but I draw the line here.


I didn’t see these trailers here…Sorry if I didn’t go far back enough. It caught my eye on YouTube. I always did like those old Japanese monster movies and would be interested in seeing then get an American special effects treatment…


Did you see the 2014 one? What did you think of that?


It was OK but they made Godzilla too thick Imho…




Really? We’re fat-shaming Godzilla?



Who said thicc is bad…



Just watched that. I was clamoring for a Hellboy reboot but it actually looks pretty good. It’s a smart move to roll out the whole fiery crown bit.


It’s the same as the previous leaked trailer.
I think…it looks like a real pale attempt to repeat the previous GDT films while also being influenced by Deadpool and GOTG. It looks really dire.

Especially after all of Mignola’s claims that this would be more authentic.


What wasn’t authentic about the first go around?


Pretty much everything outside of the designs and premise.
The second moreso than the first to be fair.

But like Stephen King, Mignola has been vocal about adaptation opinions



I’m a fan. comics and the movies (well, mostly the first one, which I love).

Good cast, good tone, good… ok I’m sort of running out of things there.

But I hope, really hope it’ll deliver.

Heh, well… it’s about the details really. For example, GDT changed Kroenen a lot. He wasn’t an undead, clockwork powered ninja in the comics.

I love the GDT version, but the comics remain close to my (not clockwork) heart.

That romance between Hellboy and Liz? Nope, not in the comics. He’s more like family, older brother almost Dad etc.

It’s a lot of things really. They’re not all bad, but they are different.

I think Mignola is being a pro. He publicly praised GDT for his re-inventions (and I think he meant it, or at least a lot of it) and now he’s praising the new version.


The 2004 trailer;

It’s not that different, I suspect the new trailer is leading us gently into what the new film will be?


Has this been posted?

I’m not sure if this will be worth watching while sober?

But beer and pizza forgive a lot of cinematic sins.


The first was incredibly boring.
And hasn’t this been in production hell for like 8 years?

I mean, maybe it’ll be worth watching…blitzed. :wink:


Six years.

I’m actually struggling to remember much about ‘Iron Sky’. It doesn’t help that other parody/satire/batshit movies have come along since.

A lot of these films have ideas which seem fun but that translate into films that run out of steam.

‘Black Dynamite’ is amazing for 45 minutes then gradually fades into something not quite as good, but still with occasional flashes of brilliance.

‘Kung Fury’ is only half an hour, but even it struggles.

I admire the hell out of anyone who makes these movies, but I go in with a realistic expectation.


I’m surprised people find Kung Fury to have had any steam.
I think that the only thing I remember about Iron Sky is that the last 10 or so minutes tried to hammer in this really, really, dark theme about revenge, grudges, and cyclic violence and retribution - that isn’t really present or played up anywhere else. It actually made me very depressed. SO…that’s a memorable quality it had.

If that had been the film as a whole maybe it’d have been something unique.