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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Speaking of Harvey:


This one sounds interesting to me:

Harry’s All Night Hamburgers by Steve Desmond, Michael Anthony Sherman

A down-on-his-luck high school senior discovers that the old roadside diner outside of town is secretly a hangout for parallel universe travelers. He sets off on a mind-bending adventure across the multiverse that takes him beyond his wildest dreams.


It is interesting the number of parallel universe stories en Vogue these days. It’s the new Time Travel trope.


So this is a Doctor Who spin-off featuring Clara and Ashildr’s TARDIS?



Wow, I wouldn’t produce that, either! Direct rip-off of Douglas Adams and Spider Robinson (“Callahan’s Cross-Time Saloon”).




I’m down with it.


I just assumed the genie would be CGI.



That looks like it’s on in Blackpool this year.



It really does look like a panto poster.


‘Slave of the Ring’ is my new favourite Aladdin character…


Those characters are wearing a lot of layers, considering it looks like the middle of the day in the desert heat.


Isn’t the style in Arabian heat meant to be in layers to act as insulation?
I think I heard that somewhere.


I think it’s more a case of the clothes needing to be reflective of sunrays for that though, as in all white. That way you are cooler underneath and the cool is kept in.


That will make a fortune but it sure looks atrocious from those stills.


Weird that they seem to be going with the designs for the play when the trailer looked like a shot for shot remake of the film.


I’m all for it as long as they include the Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim song.