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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Has that been posted? I didn’t see it!

Oh, that’s gonna happen? Yeah, that’d be cool. Maybe it’ll make the first one work better, too.


Oh I don’t know if a supercut will happen, just hoping it does.

Was the trailer not posted? I saw it yesterday and assumed it was here.


I looked last night but couldn’t find it.


Nevermind, what I saw was fan made. Chris Pratt isn’t even in it, ha.





Holy shit!! I know that’s about Brexit, but it might as well be about Trump’s conquest of the GOP nomination and his subsequent election as President. I know what I’ll be watching in January.


There are a lot of crossovers and a lot of the same players and tactics involved.

Cambridge Analytica and Russian donations appear through it both. Aaron Banks was the largest financial backer for the ‘leave’ campaign, nobody is quite sure where his money comes from, the donations seem larger than his fortune:


It makes sense. The Brexit vote was one of the things that made me think Trump had a better chance of winning that people thought.



Wow, that will be creepy as fuck.


Ha I had the same thought!


He should voice it like his character in Sin City!


That is the best choice ever.


Or like Fenster, no-one will understand a word he says.


It only gets better once you realise that the actress cast as Dora was in Soldado. It is time to recontextualize that movie as the first in the Dora canon.



It’s not exactly Harvey Weinstein, but the mirror thing is misconduct anyway you look at it.


It’s not even close to Weinstein.

Despite some recent criticism of the word, what it is, is creepy.

The most important thing here is that she didn’t feel able to tell him to stop. The deeply ingrained power dynamics meant she felt she had to put up with this crap. Rather than stop it at the start.

So if this report helps push the dynamic in a better direction or just makes people think twice about their behaviour then that’s great.

But I’m still aware that it’s not published because of that, or even read because of it either.

A lot of the reasons people read this stuff are pretty creepy too.