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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel



And mess up his deal promoting Fruity Pebbles?


You could argue that this trailer shows too much, with lots of new footage, but it has me more excited to see the movie than the others did.


This one does manage to set up the world and the story far better than the other trailers.

I think I am going to watch this in the cinema after all, if I can make it.


Ever wondered what a PoV shot from Sonic’s junk would look like?..


It’s funny how there would likely be less backlash (still some though) if they just showed us the entire design.
Because how they’re playing it now - it’s allowing us to imagine in a “less is scarier” thing.


The full design actually leaked a few days ago - I’m surprised it hasn’t been posted here yet.



I didnt know what fear was until now.


With a mysterious white trail epically left over everything.


The stop-motion animated Holiday Short featuring THE PREDATOR as he tangles with his most formidable foe yet – Santa and his reindeer. Watch The Predator Holiday Short during BoJack Horseman, next Wednesday (12/19) on Comedy Central.



That looks like a solid matinee


Yeah, that looks like fun.


Yup. I felt like I should be all jaded about this and all “Oh, now that Lego movies are such a big success, now Playmobil tries to do it, too, well, good luck with that!” (<-- read this in a really sardonic voice) and everything, but… that trailer made me smile a lot.


I think it helps that it’s not really about Playmobil. You could actually take Playmobil out of the equation altogether and not lose anything it seems. Not so with LEGO Movie.
It’s a standard “stuck in fantastical world” plot that we’ve seen dozens of times before.

It’s also so simple that there is a lot of avenues to hang decent jokes and set-ups with - if you have actually funny writers on hand. So…fingers crossed.



Get Out was cool, so I’m down to see what he’s doing next.


The It trailer looks pretty cool, although it’s a little expected and also a little weird to see Chris Pratt in there.

I’m probably most excited for a supercut that edits both movies like the book.



I’m just gonna pretend the spy fella is “Eggsy.” :blush: